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Darlins Come Together: Less Than a Second by Midnight Ariel

Hey everyone!

This week the Darlins read Less Than a Second by Midnight Ariel.

Summary: In a moment of weakness, Jasper snaps at Bella during her birthday. How does the slip that last for less than second affect him and his wife? Pull up a chair at the Cullen family meeting that happened after Edward took Bella home.

I've always wondered what happened after Jasper was pulled away by Rosalie and Emmett, and this story provides a really great look into those tense moments after Bella so gracefully cut her finger. Let's see what a couple of the Darlins thought about this emotion-filled one shot!

If you’ve ever taken a look at my fav fics, you probably noticed that there wasn’t one Jasper/Alice story to be found (can’t stand the bubbly, bouncing chick lol). So when mw138 came up with this o/s to review, I wasn’t sure if I could read it or not, but I’m glad I took the chance. Less Than a Second is in Alice’s POV and tells how she and the rest of the Cullens react to all the fallout from Bella’s birthday party. There’s not a single lemon (which I was pretty happy about) but this fic didn’t need any.

~ racejunkie
I randomly stumbled upon this story and really enjoyed it! Less Than a Second portrays what happened after Jasper tried to attack Bella at her birthday party. Emotionally charged and heartbreaking, readers witness just how disgusted and anguished Jasper becomes. He hates that he tried to hurt Bella and wouldn't blame the family if they asked him to leave and never come back. I found myself wanting to wrap Jasper in a big hug because it wasn't his fault things happened the way they did. He's a vampire. He's supposed to drink human blood. So when Bella unceremoniously cut her finger, Jasper reacted like any vampire would, especially one who had lived on human blood a majority of his vampire existence.

There is also an interesting subplot surrounding Edward's decision to leave Bella and how it affects the Cullen family, especially Alice. Not only does Jasper express his sadness and regret, but he also shows his protective side (there will be growling). Yum!

Check out this story! It's really good! :D

~ mw138

See you next time!

Wow...thanks for the good reviews. I am honored.

I was going to recommend this one to you; I'm so glad you found it on your own! Midnight Ariel is one of the best I've seen at portraying canon Jasper in all of his complexities.

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