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Darlins Come Together: Catching the Train by jenjiveg

Hey y'all! This week's Darlins Come Together story is Catching the Train by jenjiveg.

Summary: A businessman, a student and an editor share the same train. On the outsides it seems they have nothing in common, but what happens when they make a connection? What happens when they get off?

Whoa! This definitely sounds interesting! Let's see what a few of the Darlins thought.
Catching the train is just unf. It's hot and just so so so good. When it starts there are no names spoken, but you start to figure out who is who as you read. At first, you think it might just be something that happens every now and then, but then you realize that things go a bit deeper. Even while having a completely hot and in-need-of-a-cold-shower lemon you can see how much feeling and love surrounds the couple in this o/s. I would recommend it to everyone, there is some slash and het lovin all at once, but don't let that turn you off. It's such a great read and if you don't read it then you will miss out on a lovely little o/s.

~ abbymickey24
We meet a man on a train and watch him wait and look for a specific someone. The train stops and some people get on and the man strikes up a conversation with another man. They flirt back and forth and a woman gets on and sits next to the man. She invites them home for dinner and maybe more? This oneshot was a fast, easy and enjoyable read. It was very hot, you will not be disappointed! What are you waiting for go, read it!!!!

~ Agrutle
Three people meet on a train and soon find themselves drawn to each other. After some harmless chatter back and forth, they all make their way back to woman's house for a home-cooked meal. Giving in to their passion, they are soon a mess of tangled limbs, grunts and moans. I don't want to give too much away, but this story is hot, hot, HOT! Catching the Train provides the perfect balance of slash and het loving so that everyone is left satisfied (no pun intended *giggle*). Definitely check out this story!

~ mw138

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To all of our readers in the States, have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow! :)


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