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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and a Happy Thursday to those in other countries!! Lets get on with what I have found for you all to see.

How about a contest where you don't have to be perfect, your grammar doesn't have to be good, you can make mistakes and its anonymous? Sound like your idea of a contest well you need to get to writing for The Worst Story Ever contest. There is a minimum of 3,000 words and you have to have it in by December 31st. Any pairings, AU or AH. Check out their page for more info!!

Now a fandom charity, Fandom Against Juvenile Diabetes. Its a great cause and it gets the word out! Authors have until January 16th to sign up and there doesn't seem to be any kind of restrictions on word count. You have until February 27th to submit your story. Please go on over to their site to find out more. The compilations will be sent out in mid March.

That's what I have this week!! I hope you all have a great day and I will see you again next week! I really would love if you all sent me info on contests, readalongs, charities or anything that you would want to spot light!! Send all info to agrutle@gmail.com. Have a great day!!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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