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Totally Random Recs: Learning to Live Again by gypsysue

I came across Learning to Live Again by gypsysue by accident a few days ago and became so engrossed that I could barely tear my eyes away from it. Now, before anyone freaks out and wonders why in the world I’m rec-ing a story in which Edward/Jacob is the main pairing, just hear me out. Jasper plays a huge role in this story, even if he’s technically a supporting character.

Edward Masen had endured years of terrible abuse at the hands of his partner, Sam Uley. After a particularly horrific beating, Edward managed to leave Sam and their relationship behind. He collapsed right outside of the hospital; his injuries were so severe, he was literally dragging himself to the door. Jasper and Alice, who just happened to be walking by, discovered the battered and broken man and took him inside. For the next five years, Jasper and Alice remained at Edward’s side, helping him move forward and live his life. Because of the physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse inflicted upon him, Edward feared just about everyone, but especially men. The only man he was comfortable with is Jasper, who had the uncanny ability to calm and comfort those around him with just a simple touch. He and Edward form a very close bond that transcends friendship; they essentially became brothers.

Everyone who came in contact with Edward just wanted him to be happy, but he didn’t feel he deserved love. He still held on to the hateful words Sam spewed in an effort to dominate and control him. Edward also suffered from intense panic attacks and flinched whenever anyone, male or female, came in contact.

After a while, Edward’s friends start setting him up on dates, hoping Edward will find that special someone who will give him the love and healthy relationship he deserves. He is set up on a blind date with Jasper’s co-worker, Jacob Black. Everything goes well until Edward discovered that his date was Sam’s cousin. Bad memories flooded his mind and he ended up in the hospital after having a serious panic attack. Jacob, through Jasper, learned more about what happened to Edward and that it was his very own cousin who hurt him so badly. He felt terrible, but also understood that his presence could hinder Edward’s recovery.

By taking small steps, Edward eventually becomes more and more comfortable around Jake. His fears were still present, but Jake’s patience, understanding, and caring nature allowed Edward to slowly learn to trust him. The slow progression of their relationship is beautiful to watch.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of the "Jakeward" pairing, I would highly recommend giving this story a chance. It will break your heart one minute and make it soar the next. gypsysue has done an incredible job giving depth to each of the characters. You will be on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next, and feel immense joy watching Jake and Edward’s relationship grow and flourish. I absolutely loved Learning to Live Again and can’t wait for the next update!

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sounds like it's worth a read. Thnx!

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