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Good morning!!!!!! I'm going to see what I can find for you all to get in to. Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted in the Everything's Bigger in Texas awards!! The winner's will be announced on November 1st. Check back then to see if who you nominated or voted for won!

Alright, first off a contest I told you all about a bit ago is now open for voting. Please go to their page for the link to vote.

I found this contest and to describe it I want to do a direct quote from their page:
This is a contest calling for the exploration of adult content that may be considered controversial, and it should be treated in an adult manner - articulately and artistically. The point is to tow the line, to haunt; not to flagrantly attempt to shock or disgust. You can write about exploitation without being exploitative.
Any pairing, pick an image on the website they have for you, there is a 20,000 word max. Entries will be accepted until November 27th. Lets see what you all have for us!

I know that its a little early to be thinking about Christmas but every year there are kids that don't get anything for Christmas because of extenuating circumstances in life, that's when Toys for Tots steps in and they help those in need. There is a new fandom cause called Christmas Wishes. They want you to donate to Toys for Tots, a minimum of five dollars and you can get the compilation on Christmas Eve. As an author you can donate anything you want, a future take of a story that you are writing, or a new oneshot. I'm letting you know about this with plenty of time to write what you want with plenty of time. You have until December 15th to get your submission in and to get a compilation you have to donate by the 24th of December. Its such a worthy cause! Please do what you can.

As always you can send me anything you want me to post on here at agrutle@gmail.com, I will highlight it for you!! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!! See ya next time!!


Oh Agrutle! Thank you so so much for announcing Christmas Wishes and supporting it. We so appreciate it!

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!

Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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