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Darlins Come Together: Accidental by evenflo78

This week's Darlins Come Together story is Accidental by evenflo78. It was brought to my attention by Darlin, Tiffaninichole, who gushed about it. :) To say that she loves this story would be huge understatement! lol

Summary: Slightly AU. Bella and Jasper make a discovery involving the unique combination of their gifts. What starts as something innocent quickly gets out of control.

Hmmm....very intriguing! Let's see what the Darlins thought about this story.
I'm shaking my fist at evenflo78. This story is, without a doubt, in need of more chapters like in the next few seconds. Evenflo78 has built up a sexual tension between Jasper and Bella that is about to make me burst. It appears we are right on the cusp of relieving it though. Which is why I need more chapters.

Even with the need, I am in love with this story. It has such an original plot mixed in with the tension that I'm in awe. The writing is amazing and evenflo78 caught my attention from the very first line. I can't wait to see how everything plays out.

~ abbymickey24

After being changed Bella doesn’t have the control that Edward assumed she would. Having known what she was getting in to he assumed she would take to her new like like a duck to water, but after she has slipped up and eaten some humans he tells her maybe she needs to go out on her own and experience what its like to be a true vampire, to eat what she wants. She goes willingly, but after she is ‘set free’ she just can’t do it. During all of this there is this underlying feeling with Jasper, they are just drawn to each other. They use their gifts to satisfy each other and then they feel guilty. Edward sends Jasper to check on Bella while shes away and the feelings they swore to ignore come out full force when she asked him to bite her so she could have a scar. I am so loving this story and I am looking forward to what happens with these two.

~ Agrutle
Have you ever come across a story that was so good, you actually pouted when you reached the last chapter? One that was so good, you took it upon yourself to contact the author and beg for more? One that makes you count down the hours until the next update and when you get that email saying "New Chapter," everything gets put on hold until you've absorbed every word?

Yeah, Accidental is that.

I'm a picky bitch, but there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING that I don't like about this story... but I must admit that chapter four is what (wet) dreams are made of. *goes back to read it again*

*happy sigh*

Honestly, I can't think of enough words to explain how great this is and how much potential it has. Just know that you need to be reading it last week. Srsly. Read it right now. It's only five chapters, so there's no excuse. *taps foot impatiently*

Are you reading yet?

~ Tiffaninichole
It's no secret that I love a good slash story, so I don't actively seek out het stories, regardless of pairing. However, when Accidental was brought to my attention, all of my het fic hesitance instantly melted away. This has to be one of the hottest stories I've ever read, hands down!

Through an accidental mingling of their gifts, Jasper and Bella find themselves having encounters that will melt your computer screen. The sexual tension is so intense that your heart will beat faster and harder, and your breathing will speed up. evenflo78 magnificently describes the emotions and urges of Bella and Jasper so well that you'll fell as though you're experiencing them yourself.

One particular aspect of this story that I really appreciate is the fact that Bella is not the magically perfect vampire that she's portrayed as in the Breaking Dawn book. She has control issues and she struggles; she doesn't like being pristine and unmarred, and I really love that. It makes her so much more relatable and likeable.

I can't say enough about this story! It's definitely going on my alerts list! Thanks, tiff, for bringing this story to my attention!

~ mw138

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See y'all next week! :)

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