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Hey guys!!!!

Hope your having a great Friday.

I want to thank everyone for the comments last week. I love reading and laughing at them.

Let's see a reminder of the picture...


And the winning caption given by Sweeter Than A Drop Of Blood was...

Damn it Emmett, I said jazz hands.

Thank you and if you'll send a quick email to racejunkie at race.junkie@hotmail.com she'll get you set up for Darlin' for a Day.

I do want to say I was drinking coffee when I read your comment and almost spit it all over my computer. :)

Okay, now let's see if all of you can make me do another almost spit-take.

This week's pic is...


Show me what you got.

Until next week...MWAH!!!!


Edward don't worry, it will go down soon.

Okay, Edward you lay there. Bella, I need you to ... stop staring Bella, you need to move ... Bella!

Bella: I don't care how big it is, whether it sparkles or if it is GaGa's Disco Stick. I am not riding that until the room is free of spectators.

Edward: *pouts*

Bella:Edward who's the dude?
Edward:He's the director
Bella:You think we're gonna make a porno our first time?

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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