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Sorry being late ya'll. My time schedule has just been really funky lately. Well I'm not too late, it's still Saturday (for another hour), so here are the list of ppl who answered last weeks question right. Trooper and Bloomin_Hell answered correctly! Woot Woot! Jasper is called Mr. Jasper by J. Jenks! Random question, I know, but you two got it. So hats off to yas!

Here is this weeks question! Figured it was time to give you guys something more dynamic, ya know, have everyone really think about it. So! What did Jasper mean when he said,
"I didn't have quite the same upbringing as my adopted siblings."

Details ppl! I need details...er, or whatever you want, totally cool with me!
Good luck ya'll, make Major proud!



Jasper was talking to Bella in Eclipse about how Edward,Emmett, Rosalie and Alice were taught right off the bat when they woke up to not hunt humans, to drink from animals. When Jasper awoke Maria didn't tell him that she told him that humans were a vampire's food source.

Jasper was not turned to save his life like Edward, Rose and Emmett were. Maria turned him for a purpose. He was a Major in the army and she felt that his tactical knowledge would help her win more battles in the Southern Wars. She turned him to further her own goals. Being a newborn with no guidance forced him to feed on humans, unlike his siblings who were taught by Carlisle to feed on animals.

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