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Hey guys!!!

So, I'm a little later than normal. I let the day get away from me, but I'm here before midnight so it's all good. :)

Today's video is a trailer for an awesome story. I kept waiting for an update and now that I found the video I know why it's taking so long to get one. She's reworking it and I can't wait until it's back up.

The story is Faith In You by JaspersIzzy. Make sure you put her on alert so that when she does start posting again you can read it. You won't be disappointed.

The video is just as amazing and I hope you like it.

Until next week guys....MWAH


Where do I find JaspersIzzy's stories?

She's changed her name to IzPerplexing now (didn't realize that until I searched too)Sorry. She has taken her stories down. However, you can put her on author alert.

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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