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Hey y'all! As promised, I'm back this week and I have a great little one shot that I read earlier this week called Backroom by BeCullen!

It's a fic that takes place in a club, Jasper is getting over a broken heart and hopes that a night out is just what he needs to push past the heartache! He spots a dark gorgeous man on the top level and has an instant connection, even though he doesn't feel like he has a chance.

When said dark God walks right up to him and and asks him to dance he doesn't hesistate and after several songs of bumping and grinding and getting more riled up than Jasper feels he can handle, the mystery man asks Jasper to join him in the back room.

Jasper knows exactly what goes on in the back room and even though it's not his typical behavior, he can't pass up an opportunity like this.

There is a lot revealed in the backroom and Jasper might just have exactly what he needs to get over the past and move on to the future!

I love this fic because of it's descriptions and the palpable sexual tension you feel between Jasper and his partner. If you give this a chance, I think you'll love it too!

Until next week y'all!


Thank you so much darlin for the review.

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