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Its that time again!! Lets see what we can get in to!!!

Everyday I read some amazing stories filled with all the smutty goodness we all love, but do you ever read any erotica? Here's what they want: We want you to show us what erotica means to you. Wow us with your work. Allow us to get lost in the world you create. Sight, sound, sensation… think about what turns you on and then give it to us. Make it lyrical, make it sexy, make it artistic, make it haunting… we want it all, and we want detail! We want you to leave us remembering the words you weaved long after we finish the last one.

Are you up to the challenge?
So Are you up to it?!?! Its anonymous and there is a word limit, 3,000 to 15,000. Make sure you read the rules!! Any pairing is acceptable Get to working on it, you have until October 1st to get your submissions in. Go to their site to see more info!!

The next one I have to share I am pretty excited about. I love the eighties, the music, the hair and the movies. So If I was a writer I would totally enter the Like Totally 80's contest! There is a blog set up for you to pick a song to write about. Submissions will be accepted until the 30th of October. Word count of a max of 15,000 and this contest is anonymous and all pairings are accepted! Lets see what you got, big hair, the fashion, what ever ya got!!

I will be back next week same time, same station! If you have something for me let me know email me the deets!! agrutle@gmail.com.. See ya next week!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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