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Darlins Come Together: Outside the Bubble by OvertlyConcealed

Hey everyone! I'll be handling the Darlins Come Together segment for a while and we're very excited to share the sweet Jasper/Edward story, Outside the Bubble by OvertlyConcealed! Not only does it have its fair share of UST, but it also incorporates a lot of humor, which is always nice!

Here's what some of the Darlins had to say about this cute story...

So, when Outside the Bubble was chosen as the one to review this week, I was iffy on whether or not I was going to read it. I'm not a big slash girl and have, honestly, only loved slash if tiffaninichole has written it. However, I decided to give it a try and....OH MY GOD!!!!!!

I'm so, so, so very glad I did. At only nine chapters in this story has brought about some very real conclusions for me...

1. OvertlyConcealed is an amazing writer.
2. Edward's family is seriously delusional and really needs to go see the shrink they keep pushing onto Edward.
3. OvertlyConcealed likes to title her chapters with words I can't pronounce, except for the phobia part.
4. The only sane side character in this story is a very pregnant Angela. I mean you have an idiot Newton, an innuendo, and not even good ones, dropping Riley, and Peter who is always a moron.
5. Jasper and Edward are two of the biggest, clueless goobs EVER, but in such a good way.

I have LMAO in every chapter. It's hard not too when you have Edward who's inner ramblings are completely insane. Granted, Jasper's ramblings aren't much better. They both are so smitten with each other and just have no idea. It's amazing really and you should just go read because I don't think I'm doing it justice. So go on.

Why are you still here? GO READ IT or I will smite you with a lobster.

If you read it you'll know what I'm talking about.


This story was funny and quirky. We meet Edward who is a little backwards when it comes to the opposite sex. Lets face it he’s a little backwards with everything. He has a major crush on Jasper who works at the Cullen Family’s company. Thinking that it would be wrong to pursue Jasper, Edward does the opposite and ignores him, that leaves Jasper thinking that Edward is repulsed by him. Little does Jasper know that Edward pines for him just as much. The story is written from both points of view and it allows you to see whats going on in their heads. Their inner monologues are hilarious. I can’t wait to read more!

Have you ever been talkin' to someone and wondered what the hell was going through the other person's mind? Wondered about his/her thought process? Wondered how a person could think up the things he/she says? Well, wonder no more! In this fic, OvertlyConcealed delves into Edward and Jasper's mind, and the results will have you actually LOL'ing! I wanted to find an example but couldn’t decide on just one, so you'll just have to take my word for it and check this freakin' hilarious gem of a story out!


Outside the Bubble is a delightful story I’ve been reading for a while now. Edward’s issues and phobias are actually quite endearing and his blossoming relationship with Jasper brings a huge smile to my face. Jasper’s tenacity and determination in getting Edward to notice him (even though Edward was already attracted to him and often became tongue-tied in his presence) and feel comfortable around him was really sweet. This is great “slow burn” story that I’m sure many slash lovers will enjoy!


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Until next time!

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