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Good morning!! Fall is in the air and there's things to be done in the fandom!!

Its been brought to my attention that our affiliate The Twilight Awards is getting the word out about the Texas wildfires. Please donate to help those being affected by the fires. Their page about the wildfires have all the details and places you can donate to. Specifically you can donate to the Texas wildfire relief. There are many other ways to donate as well please go check it out and donate to this very worthy cause!!

Now on to something erotic. Can you write Erotica? This contest is giving you the chance! What’s Your Fantasy: Anonymous Twilight Erotica Challenge wants you to weave your words to make it sexy and lyrical, not porno. Make it beautiful, and artistic. It is anonymous so pimp the contest not your exact entry. Write us anywhere from 3,000 to no more than 15,000. Entries will be accepted until October 1st. Voting starts the 3rd and winners will be announced on the 14th of October. Go write us some erotica!

How about something funny now, I know that I crack up when I read the Damn You Auto Correct's out there, well now there is a contest that wants you to show what would happen if our beloved Twilight characters were the victim of auto corrects. Any pairings, its all good!! It's another anonymous contest so don't pimp yourself just the contest! 2,000 to 10,000 words, and there are picture prompts. There is also a blog for the contest. Entries are being accepted until October 16th. Voting will be from the 17 to the 28th of October and winners will be announced on the 31st. Write us a Bella that sent a text that may seem like shes breaking up with Edward, or a Carlisle that sent a text to Jasper when it was meant for Esme!

Please let me know if there is anything to feature on the blog! You all can send anything that you want on the blog to me at agrutle@gmail.com. I'll see you all next week!!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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