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Hey guys!!!!

So, I'm pretty excited about the video I have for you today. A month or so ago the Darlins' came together to review a story for our Darlins' Come Together segment. I did not review the story because of it being J/E slash. However, I've heard such good things about the story on more than one occasion since then and finally decided to give it a try.

I am so glad I did. It is such a heartbreaking and beautifully written piece of fanfic. The story is If on a Winter's Night by Touchstone67. She writes the emotions perfectly and as I read I scold myself on not reading it when I had the chance to before.

On Wednesday I was on chapter 15 of 26 when I got the sudden urge to look at her profile and put her other things on my need to read list. While there I clicked on a link that took me to the trailer for this story and immediately after watching it I knew it was not going to be a hard decision on what I was using for video of the week.

I hope all of you enjoy it and if you haven't read the story yet then you are truly missing out.

It's good isn't it? Trust me the story is even better. Here's the link for the story so you don't have an excuse that you can't find it: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6191221/1/

Now watch the video again and then go read.

Until next week...Mwah


This is a beautiful story. There is heartbreak, but there is also hope and joy. If On A Winter's Night has touched my heart! This is definitely a story that should not be missed.

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