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Darlins Come Together: One Final Taste by Kitty Cullen-03

This week's story is One Final Taste by Kitty Cullen-03. It's a great story about what happened when Jasper actually did get a hold of Bella the night of her birthday party. There are all kinds of twists and turns that we're sure you'll all enjoy!

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Summary: Edward can't stop Jasper at Bella's birthday party. He wanted more, and he took it. These are the repercussions of his actions.

Let's see what the Darlins thought about this interesting take on New Moon....

**************************************************************************************************************************************************** Okay, so I will admit I haven't made it all the way through this story or that far into it really. I've only read four chapters so far, but if the rest of the chapters are as amazing as the first few then I am in for a treat.

The premise that Kitty Cullen-03 has come up with is not a storyline I'd read before.

The birthday party is the same, except Jasper ends up getting a taste of Bella's blood. He can't get it out of his mind and stays behind after the family leaves, wanting nothing more than to taste her blood again. He does and has every intention of killing Bella. Of course, things don't always work out and Alice shows up, stopping him but that results in Bella's change.

When she wakes up and finds out what Jasper did she's understandably angry. Kitty writes that anger perfectly. You kind of want to hate Jasper too, but then you can tell how sorry he is so you kind of feel sorry for him as well.

It's an awesome twist and take on New Moon and I really can't wait to read the rest. Especially, when I'm having a hard time figuring out how it's going to end up being Jasper and Bella. I look forward to seeing them grow closer though and becoming the couple I love.

What would happen if Jasper didn’t get stopped on Bella’s birthday and he got to taste her blood? What if he couldn’t get the taste of her blood out of his mind. Edward is so pissed and decides to leave just like in New Moon because in his mind the thing he was worried about happened, but what if not everyone left, what if Jasper stayed behind. Jasper is so intoxicated from her blood that he does just that, he stays after the family leaves to have just one more taste. When he gets to her house Bella is severely depressed and is begging for something, and he assumes its death, he’s happy to accommodate her. Alice shows up in time to stop her from dying but he did almost drain her. Bella wakes up from the change and is pissed, and Jasper takes her wrath because he knows he screwed up. Bella is mad at Edward too, and wants nothing to do with him. She asks Jasper to take her away so she can become her own person, spend her newborn year finding out who she really is. I really enjoyed this story so much and you all must check it out and find out what happened during that newborn year. I promise you won’t be disappointed!!


One Final Taste is an alternate version of Kitty Cullen-03’s excellent story One More Taste, which I also loved. In this fic, Jasper can’t get the scent of Bella out of his mind and goes for it. I don’t want to give the whole story away...you’ll have to read it to see how the pair work past the anger and guilt, not to mention Bella’s newborn urges! 8) For those of you who thought Edward was an arrogant ass will appreciate how Bella puts him in his place *giggles*

I really enjoyed One Final Taste! I always wondered what would have happened if Jasper had actually reached Bella when she cut herself at her birthday party. This story gives you a version that I believe is right on point. Jasper manages to dodge his family members that fateful night and tastes Bella’s blood. Emmett and Edward are able to pull him away, but Jasper just can’t seem to get the sweet taste of Bella out of his head. After Edward and the rest of the family leaves, Jasper stays behind because he wants to finish the job. However, in the midst of his feeding, Alice appears and foils his plan. Bella is eventually turned, much to her dismay, and Jasper is riddled with guilt.

Throughout the story, we witness Edward's steady decline into insanity. His relentlessness and obssessive behavior is disturbing, but also added an element of suspense as we all wondered, "what's he going to do next?"

I think I liked this story so much because it shows the predatory side of Jasper. In the books, we were completely left in the dark when it came to Jasper’s side of the story that night. We never knew what he was feeling or how he really felt afterwards. Yes, he felt bad, but One Final Taste really shows us that Jasper is a killer, pure and simple. His victims’ feelings as they slowly faded away were definitely the catalyst for his diet change, but sometimes his bloodlust, as we see in this story, outweighs all of that and he just becomes a calculating predator stalking his prey. I loved seeing this side of Jasper!


See you next week!

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