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So I know I already posted a segment today, but after reading an update for Bound In Blood, one of my favorite stories, I just had to rec it to you guys.

Now I first came in contact with the author Sushi Loves Whitlock or @Sushibrat when she started reviewing the stories I write. She finally put herself out there and wrote her own. And I have to say it has quickly hit my top five J/B WIP fics list.

The banner is amazing (don't know who made it. Sorry)...

Yeah, it says a lot. Makes you want to go read too, doesn't it?

Here's all the info:

Pairing: Jasper/Bella
Rating: M
Status: WIP
Summary: Jasper is no longer held back by Forks and its memories. One night he's teamed with a mysterious woman clad in black and the world as he knows it changes dramatically. Rated M for adult themes, violence and language. AU
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7042740/1/Bound_in_Blood

And if the summary and banner aren't enough here's a little teaser from Chapter 1 to help you along:

Chapter 1:

She answered by grabbin' onto my hair and tuggin' hard. Blood and her desire enveloped me and I ran my hands down her ribs before liftin' her up and close to me. Her legs wrapped around my waist immediately and I grabbed that damn thing coverin' her head and yanked it off of her before releasing her hair from the braid. She was beyond intoxicatin' and I was gettin' drunk off of her. I released her lips from our kiss and trailed my tongue along her jaw tastin' her skin and the blood on her. She whimpered and bucked against me and I could feel her wetness through our clothin' as my hard cock pressed up against her. Isabella tilted my head slightly as I continued lickin' and nippin' at her. Then I felt it. Her fuckin' tongue ran along my jaw just as I had done hers and I was nearly undone.

I grabbed her top and shredded it off of her as we fell and crashed onto the floor. Our legs were nuthin' but a tangled mess as our hands grabbed, caressed, and explored each other.

"Fuck, Isabella! You're so fuckin' beautiful," I growled out as I continued lickin' her body.

Her skin had a slight crimson tinge to it as the blood had soaked through to her skin. Her breasts were glorious. I caressed her skin while I licked a trail in between them and watched as her nipples pebbled under my touch. I moved from one peak to the other and licked and sucked on them as she writhed under me. Her whimpers were hot as fuck as I continued trailing my tongue down her torso.

*Fans self* Yeah you need to read the story to get the rest. And trust me it's even hotter than that.

So go and read, run along now, don't make me send Bella and Jasper after you because they'll enjoy it way to much.


Oh my gosh! I love Sushi & this is already on my to read list, but I think it just zoomed to the head of the class! Thanks for rec'g this one, Darlin'!

Abbymickey24, thank you so much for reccing my story on Jasper's Darlin's I really appreciated it.

I am actually the one who created the banner :) I am glad you're enjoying the story.

XOXO ~ sushi

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