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Hey guys! *waves*

SO the video today is a Bella/Jasper one. It's not a secret that that is the couple I love and would give anything for it to have been like that in the books.

Since it wasn't I have to settle for what the fans do. This is a fan made video and while it's not a story on fanfiction I think it would make a good one.

The premise behind the video is Bella is with Edward and Jasper is with Alice. Jasper and Bella end up falling in love, but Bella also loves Edward and believes he is the one she's supposed to be with.

Jasper doesn't like seeing them together so he leaves the family and goes to Britain, changing his hair and getting contacts to blend in. After a little soul searching Bella realizes who she really wants to be with and rushes off to Britain to find Jasper.

I hope you like it....

Do you think it would make a good story? Comment and let me know. Also if there is a video you want to see send me an email with link at abbymickey24@gmail.com.

Until next week...MWAH!


I so love it and think it would make a great awesome fantastic...whatever word you wanna use....story. I am so a Jasper/Bella fanfic reader for a while now and would def be reading this story if it was really a story. Great job on the video...I was quickly paying attention to the video and the sound was a mere whisper in the background...great song but i was so into seeing the next part that i got lost in it. Thank you for posting this and sorry for rambling...but I could not put my true feeling into a few words. (yes I did rewatch to watch again but to also hear the music more and it so fit..it blended so well with the video)I will now say I'm down dahlin' cause I could keep going. I may one day try my hand at writing one.

I meant I'm done dahlin'

Okay please don't be upset...I could not delete and repost so I now have to fix....I meant that this got me seeing and imagining what was happening next in the story but didn't hear all the words of the song playing...I felt the story in it.I hope I got my point across and made a little sense so someone could understand. :) JasperMonkeyLove to all

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