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Darlins Love a Darlin': JasperLuver48 Edition

This week I’m going to talk about a sweet, smutty and fluffy multi-chapter story from the lovely JasperLuver48. Many of you are probably reading her great Jasper/Bella fic, Conflicted Love, but there is another J/B story she's written that definitely deserves some limelight, The New Kid.

In The New Kid, we find Bella hopelessly crushing on the new guy at school, Jasper Hale, who has just moved to the area to stay with his aunt while his parents are out of the country. Prom is coming up and Bella wishes on everything that’s holy that Jasper will notice her and ask her to the dance. After turning down other suitors, including sweetheart Edward Cullen, Bella starts to think that Jasper actually asking her the biggest event of the school year is a hopeless cause. Little does she know that he has taken notice.

Jasper and Bella share an instant chemistry that’s mixed with lust, desire and passion, and they take advantage of those feelings often. *giggle* Jasper eventually does ask Bella to the prom and what ensues is a wonderful evening filled with fun and unbelievably hot limo sex!

The New Kid is the perfect escape from the doldrums of real life because there is no angst or drama and the lemons are so hot, you'll melt into a squishy puddle of goo. LOL Definitely check this story out!


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