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Hey guys!!!

So for the gifs this week I didn't really know what I was going to use. I debated as I looked through my photobucket account trying to see what favorite category I could use. I still didn't come up with anything and was about to settle on just giving you normal gifs without a question attached.

Then I moved my mouse and my computer background popped up by accident. It switches every ten minutes between the many Jackson photos I have and it gave me the inspiration I needed.

Now, I am very fortunate to be to married to a wonderful man. However, that doesn't mean I don't look or drool over a fine specimen. It also doesn't mean that I don't have that fantasy celebrity list that we all have.

I'm not ashamed to admit that one thru five on mine is Jackson. When I've told people about that in the past they look at me like I'm moron, but as all of you know Jackson has many different looks and not just when he's playing one of those characters we love.

With that being said it leads us into the five gifs for today and the question...which Jackson look (while not in movie character persona) is your favorite?

Let's get to it shall we...

First up we have the dark hair, shorter boy-next-door cut, and clean face
This is number 5. Granted the wink almost sends it higher on the list.

Second we have the slightly scruffier version of the first gif
This one number 2. I like the scruff and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Third, it's all about the blond curls
This one is number 3 for me and I don't know why really.

Fourth, we have the longer, hat wearing version
This one is number 4 because of the hat. I don't love him in hats. Bandanas though are really okay.

And last but certainly not least the mohawk ponytail type thing, shaved sides, and three or four day scruff

NUMBER 1. By far and always will be. It makes me fan myself every time I see him like this. Unf....

Yeah, so go ahead and leave me a comment with your favorite list.

Until next week...MWAH!


great gifs. I love him with scruff and long hair, then there is the Sokka hairstyle that I like also.

I want to be tag teamed by Jasper and Jackson... I know it's impossible but it's my fantasy dammit

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