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Hey guy! *waves*

Well, I didn't get any comments last week, telling me what you guys prefer, so I guess that means you all like what I chose.

Today's video has been a favorite of mine since I found Jackson and the 100 Monkeys. I love the band and in honor of the fact that I get to go to the concert on Sunday I'm giving you something of theirs.

Today's video is none other than the Ugly Girl video. I love this song and the video just makes me laugh.

It also helps that even when Jackson wears make up he's still hot.

So I hope you enjoy....

Remember if you have a video you want to see drop me a link at abbymickey24@gmail.com or the contact us button on the home page. Until next week....MWAH!


this song is how I first fell in love with the 100 Monkeys <3

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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