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Sorry for my absence last week ya'll, I caught this terrible bug and couldn't even stand. However I'm fully recovered now and ready to give you guys the answer to last weeks question. I asked:
What is the real name of Jasper's ability?

All of ya'll answered with Empathy or something similar to it. BUT!!!! I'm sorry to say this, no one got it right! Ha, victory is mine. Here is what the real term for Jasper's gift is,


Weird right? Who knew it was called that. It's described as the ability to sense and change the aura around people so that the moods/emotions they are in changes. Heh, that's good to know.

Okay so because I missed ya'll last saturday and gave you all a hard question, I go easy on you this time. Here's what I have for you:
How tall is Jasper?
Good Luck!


Jasper is 6'2"

Edward is 6'2" Carlisle is 6'2" Jacob is 6'2" at first, but then grows to 6'7" by Eclipse. I assume that Stephenie Meyer must have realized the pattern at that point, because in an interview she gives in November of 2006 she says Jasper is actually 6'3", which is still shorter than Emmett's 6'5".

My goodness, I sound snotty, don't I? Did you know that Rosalie was changed into a vamp in both 1931 and 1933, according to the new official timeline SMeyer just released?

Okay, I'll be nice now. :)


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