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Darlins Love a Darlin': mw138 edition

Alright y'all! It's time to love on another darlin and this month, racejunkie will be lovin' up on mw138! Here's what we found out about Meghan this week!

After I picked mw138 as my Darlin’ to love, I tried to decide how I was going to do this. Other than the fact that she started off writing Jasper/Alice fics and then began writing some sexy Jasper/Edward slash, I didn’t really know that much about her so I figured I’d ask some personal questions so we all could get to know her. Enjoy…
age? (you don't have to be honest if you don't want to...lol) Late 20s
what's your sign? Capricorn
where do you live? United States
married or significant other? how long? Single, but looking
if not, what are some qualities that must be met? Must have a great sense of humor, kind, responsible, chivalrous and spontaneous. Looks-wise, I always love a big, pretty smile. :)
any kids? ages? do you want any more? No kids
if not, do you want any? Definitely!
do you have any pets? if so, what kind? I had cocker spaniels growing up, but right now I don't have a little furry friend to call my own. I love dogs, so I hope to adopt one soon!
what is your occupation? (i used to be a household goddess until i had to get a job...lol) I work in Public Relations
what is your dream job? A film editor. I've wanted to do that since I was in my early teens. I'd do just about anything in the film industry! I love it that much!
what are your hobbies? what do you do in your spare time? I'm really into film, music, reading and writing fanfiction of course. ;) I also love traveling and hanging out with friends.
Many thanks to mw138 for indulging me and answering these personal questions. Stay tuned for more…

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