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Well, hello there, my lovelies! Long time, no see! Real life got in the way for a while there, but the Darlin's took good care of you while I was gone, right? : )

So I wanna focus on one contest today, because this contest is a huge fucking deal... at least to me it is. :-P If you're a fan of slash, this is the one contest that you anticipate and salivate over when the time nears. Excitement grows and you're never let down because the entries never fail to amaze.

That's right, lovers, I'm talking about the Slash/Backslash Contest. 3.0 style, baby.

Ohhhh yeah! *fist pump*

Entries will be accepted started August first, just mere days away, and I can hardly wait! Whether you've never tried your hand at writing or you're working on your 19th WIP, you NEED to write something for this contest. There's nothing but love and acceptance round these here slashy parts. The more the merrier!

Get to writing and spread the boysecks love.

I'll see ya'll next week! *smooches*


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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