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Good Morning!!!!! July is coming to an end fast and the Darlins' have our Everything's Bigger In Texas coming up. You can start nominating your favorites starting August first(this coming Monday!). Come back to the blog for all the rules and categories. Lets make it a big one this year people!!!

Project Team Beta is having a Back to School Fundraiser. Teachers need the help with so many cuts and this is a way to help! Minimum donation is five dollars and you get a great set of stories, or a yearbook! Any genre, any pairings, no word count minimum or maximum, and it must be beta'd, Hmmmm I wonder where you could get that beta'd??? *snickers* All submissions must be in by the 27th of August and the yearbooks will be distributed on the third of September.

I found this interesting little contest, its way to show the love that all the Cullen's have for each other. Well, the love that they would act on if they were swingers! Lets see what would happen if everyone shared, The Cullen's Swingers Contest is where you can show all of that. Must involve any combination of the following characters: Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Esme, Rosalie, Alice and Bella. (Clarification: Jake and Nessie can be IN your O/S just not swingers in your O/S.) I felt like I should put this right here direct from the site. All of the other rules are stated on the site. There is a word limit of 12,000 words and all entries are to be in by the 12th of August, but all in all I think this sounds like an interesting contest!!

If you all have anything else you want to be spotlighted in the fandom let me know!! I love to hear feedback!! Much love!! See ya next week.


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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