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Today, I have the extreme pleasure of featuring lacym3, author of such stories as "Domestic Terror" and "Cold". She also collaborates with fellow Darlin', KittyCullen-03 under the penname LaceKittens. She's not the run of the mill author that I'm used to reading. As she says, she's the self-proclaimed Queen of Gore, and while I'm not a fan of gore, I AM a fan of Lacy. Read on to see what she had to say!

1. Penname? lacym3
2. How long have you been reading/writing FanFiction? I started reading fanfic around March of '09, and writing that September.
3. What’s your favorite pairing? My favorite Twilight pairing is Jasper/Bella, as long as the story strays from the cliché.
4. What’s your favorite genre? Horror.
5. If you were to collaborate with an author, who would you choose to collaborate with? I've already collaborated with many great authors, but if I'd have to pick another, I'd go with givemesomevamp. "The Quiet Room" was superb, and "Slow Burn" is shaping up to be even better.
6. Name some stories you think everyone in the fandom should be required to read (don’t forget to list the authors with their stories).
Leaves of Grass by Nauticalmass
The Quiet Room by givemesomevamp
Be Like Water by taoist elf (Bella/Paul pairing)
Hit and Run by lifelesslyndsey (Alistair/Bella pairing)
Flesh & Blood by JizzyHips

7. What do you look for when reading a story (i.e. writing style, no mistakes, etc.)? Good grammar and a strong plot. I am entirely too picky when it comes to fic. I'm a known flouncer.
8. What turns you off of a story? Blatant grammar mistakes. Spell check was invented for a reason.
9. What’s your favorite version of Jasper (i.e. Geeksper? Domsper? Darksper?)? I would have to say, above all, my favorite is Darksper. Without a doubt.
10. Is there any type of story that you will absolutely NOT read, regardless of how well it may be written? An Edward/Bella or an Emmett/Bella. In the Jasper genre, anything that's too cliché. Anything that's the same story that's been written a million times before.
11. Who is your favorite FanFiction author? Taoist elf.
12. What is your favorite FanFiction story? Of all time? A Murmur of Fire in the Vein.
13. Are you good at leaving reviews, or do you tend to simply “lurk”? I'm a pretty dedicated reviewer, but I have, on shameful occasion, lurked. If I can't say anything beyond the generic “Update soon, thanks for sharing!” I will normally just lurk.
14. What do you do when you get Writer’s Block? I have many different things that I'm working on, so if I'm stuck on one thing, I'll just switch to another project for a while. Or procrastinate with lifelesslyndsey until I feel like writing again.
15. What is the atmosphere like when you’re writing (i.e. quiet, loud, cigarette)? I listen to music a lot when I write, nearly always, and I'm always chewing on something. An oral fixation, I guess, whether it be a pen or a piece of gum, I like to have something in my mouth when I'm trying to write. I never write when it's quiet, likely because it's never quiet at my house. Never.
16. What’s your favorite thing about writing FanFiction? I enjoy taking something that I loved already, and putting my own twist on it, expand it. Or, in the case of Twilight, I just like to rip it all to hell and reassemble it from the plot up.
17. Least favorite? There seems to be an abnormal amount of drama that goes hand-in-hand with writing Twilight fanfic, in particular. Will it pulled, won't it be pulled? Will it be considered a rip-off? Will I be doomed to a life of miserable solitude for writing about sparkly vampires? The shame! Just joking, no shame, really. There is a certainty a level of paranoia about anyone outside of my fandom friends finding out. So many awkward questions.
18. Slash or no slash? Mmmm.... slash. I love slash. Femmeslash, back/slash, you name it.
19. What scene involving Jasper would you have liked to have read, rather than it having been glossed over in the books (i.e. Jasper’s history with Maria, Peter, and Char; Jasper wandering; Jasper’s reaction to Edward becoming infatuated with Bella—shown in MS, but not in Twilight)? I want to see Jasper's point-of-view after he was taken away by Rose and Emmett in New Moon. I always felt for him so much in that scene.
20. Which is your favorite book in the Saga? Eclipse. While Bella is finally beaten down into a complete, muddy, trodden-upon doormat and Edward is destroying her property to keep her isolated from everyone but himself and his family, we finally get to hear some more about the other characters and less about Edward's perfect face.
21. If Jasper were a real person in your life, what would you do? What would I do? There would be a magical night involving a locked room, hand cuffs, ice cubes, a tickle whip, Tic-Tac's and a video camera.
22. Is Jackson Rathbone your Jasper, or do you have another actor you’d rather play him? Oh, Jackson all the way.

I imagine this Jackson would suit your sadistic fantasies...

23. Is there a character (besides Jasper) that you absolutely love? Paul. I love Paul.

He is a cutie... got a bit of a temper on him though...

24. Is there a character that you absolutely hate? Nessie. Demon. Spawn.

Awww.... You mean you don't just love that cute little face?

25. Are you annoyed by my questions yet (keep in mind you have a lot more to answer each week)? I'm not quite annoyed yet, but keep in mind, I write horror. I'm the self-proclaimed Queen of Gore. I kill people on paper. Think about it. Think real hard.
(Disclaimer: lacym3 would just like to say, that she is in no way plotting to slaughter the interviewer.)

(Disclaimer: VegaTenshi would just like to say that she has, in fact, read "Domestic Terror" and has no intention of every going into Lacy's basement. J/s.)



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