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*Hangs head in shame* I am so sorry that I have been MIA for so long! RL got in my way, from strep throat and being hospitalized to my husband coming home from deployment, I have been so busy it's stupid! But ya know what? I *crosses fingers and hopes RL doesn't kick me in the ass for saying this* am BACK! We have a wonderful story for you today as well. 

Bound by APK1980 was recommended through our twitter but it was rec'd by a darlin. I haven't decided if thats cheating or not LOL so we went with it. By the sounds of the reviews, I would say the Darlins enjoyed the story.

Since I'm a self-proclaimed slash addict, I'm always nervous about reading het stories, even when our beloved Jasper is featured. Bound is one of those stories that caught my attention immediately and I couldn't force myself to stop reading it! In this story we find Bella newly divorced and starting over in Forks. After buying a new house, her friend, Angela, suggests that Jasper Whitlock help her out with repairs and fixing things up. We soon discover that Jasper is dealing with a tragic situation of his own. Seeing the natural and realistic progression of Bella and Jasper's friendship was sweet and I quite enjoyed it. There were some instances in which my heart broke for Jasper, but given his difficult situation, it's to be expected. I wanted to give him a hug so many times and I'm sure you will too.

It's no secret that Bella is not my favorite character in the Twilight universe, but I really liked this particular characterization. She is a strong, intelligent and caring woman who looks out for her family and friends. What's not to like about that? I would definitely recommend Bound and I'm anxiously awaiting the next update! :)


Freshly divorced Bella moves back home to Forks and buys a house of her very own. She needs help fixing it up and her realtor and new friend, Angela, has a number for a handyman. Bella calls Jasper and he agrees to come out and see all that needs done to the house. He takes the job and during a short amount of time they become friends. They have an attraction to each other, but Jasper’s married and his marriage is not an ideal situation. Bella decides to try to take her mind of this attraction and goes out with Jasper’s cousin, Peter, to get her mind off Jasper. Things are going well until Peter’s ex comes back and then shes alone again. This story is so good!! I can’t wait to read the next update and see how Jasper and Bella can come together.


There is so much about Bound that I love.

One-It's Jasper/Bella
Two-It's a storyline I'd never read before.
Three-My fic wife is the author
Four-It's angsty.
Five-I know there will be an HEA.

From the moment apk1980 told me about her idea for this story I was hooked. When I actually read what she'd written to go along with the idea I was floored. She writes Jasper and Bella beautifully. She makes me feel like I'm right there, living their lives with them and in turn feeling that hurt and heartache that they both are dealing with.

Poor Jasper has it rough in this story. His life took a tragic turn and for 7 years he's stopped his life to care for the one he loves. Then he meets Bella who he can't help but be attracted too. She, of course, is attracted to him as well, but knows he's unattainable and deals with her growing feelings the best she can.

The conflict Jasper goes through trying to deal with his jealousy (when Bella starts dating his cousin, Peter), his responsibilities at home, the love he still feels for his wife, and his growing feelings for Bella are heartbreaking.

He wants so much to do what's right and for a while he does. The way apk1980 has written him though you can't fault or hate him when he finally gives into to what is inevitable.

The last chapter she updated ended in a cliffhanger after that inevitable moment and while I kind of wanted to kill her for it I knew it was coming. Just from the words she wrote I can already feel his guilt and I know that for the next few chapters I will need to keep a box of tissues handy.

I recommend all of you run as fast as you can to read this. You won't be disappointed at all.


Bound is a great story about finding your way when the things you thought were supposed to be forever don’t work out so well.
Bella Swan is newly divorced and has moved back to Forks to be closer to her father. She buys a new house that needs a lot of work and the handy man she hires to help her is seriously hot. But he’s got a difficult situation at home and no matter how attracted he and Bella are to each other, they both have to take a step back and remind themselves that he is not available.
Jasper’s cousin Peter is available, however, and he and Bella hit it off pretty well.
I’m only about half-way into the story so far but I’m loving it and am so glad that it was the rec for this week’s Darlins Come Together!
Take a chance and have a read, the chapters are easy to get through and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all.
I’m still hoping for a HEA for Jasper and Bella, but at this point, even I have no idea what’s going to happen!


After not having internet service for about a week, I almost missed out on this story…”almost” being the word. I haven’t gotten to the end of what chapters apk1980 has posted but what I have read is fantastic! Our Jasper is in such turmoil and Bella, being Bella, is going to do whatever she can to help him out. I don’t want to go into much detail so I’ll just say go read this fic and leave the author some lovin’! Be sure you let her know the Darlin’s sent ya!


As always, if you have a rec that you would like us Darlins to review, send them to our twitter account. Thats the ONLY way to see a story in the post. 
*humps and kisses*


Wow! Thanks, lovelies! <3

Thank you for rec, I'm hunting for some goodies..

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