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Okay kids, sorry for not having this up last weekend, but I was partying it up with luvmesomejasper for the 4th of July. But this week for Meet the Author (really really late) Monday, we have SweetT129, author of the wonderfully popular Jasper/Bella/Alice fic, Such Great Heights, among many of her other fantastic titles. Now, without further delay, my interview with the lovely SweetT....

Oh, and I mean absolutely no offense to any of our Mormon readers (and to our grammar nazi's, like the lady I'm interviewing- apologies if this isn't as proof-read as it should be)

And NOW without further delay.....

Lacym3: Where are you from?

SweetT: I'm from Ohio. Via Las Vegas when I was a kid but mostly Ohio. Then California. Then overseas, and then back to Ohio.

Lacym3: Tell us your latest news.

SweetT: Um. I'm back in school. I've got a year left until I graduate. I'm studying in the paralegal program because getting my Masters in Ed will take too long, and some people don't have forever. I kicked an asshat out of my life. I have three awesome kids and a whole bunch of awesome friends.

Lacym3: Why did you begin writing fanfiction?

SweetT: When I was pregnant with my youngest. It was early in 09. I was overseas and really bored and I wanted to read about Carlisle and nobody wrote about him back then so I decided to write about him myself.

Lacym3: When did you first consider writing your own fic?

SweetT: That was the same time.

Lacym3: Yeah, kind of the same question.

What inspired you to write your first fanfic?

SweetT: Basically I read a whole bunch of crappy Carlisle fanfic. And I just, at the time I still actually liked Twilight, so I wanted to... I don't like the idea of Carlisle cheating on Esme, I don't see it happening, so I wanted a story where Carlisle and Bella could be together, that respected her. That respected Esme. So I decided to kill her. So now it doesn't sound all that respectful, but it really was.

Lacym3: Do you have a specific writing style?

SweetT: As in the way I write or the environment in which I write?

Lacym3: Either or. ((hiccups))

SweetT: Um. I usually write in first person, I've done third person a couple of times and I like it, but in generally, most of my stuff is first person. I always write with music on. I tend to write a lot of angst. I like to make people cry, because apparently I'm evil or something.

Lacym3: ((laughs))

SweetT: I like to effect people emotionally, I guess. I'm not real good at the funny, so I tend to write like that. And there's always a little bit of stuff I know. People I know that are wound into my characters.

Lacym3: What’s your favorite genre?

SweetT: I don't know. I'm kind of eclectic. It just depends on the day. Sometimes I want to read something that twill make me cry and sometimes I want to laugh my ass off. It just depends on the day, my personal mood.

Lacym3: How do you come up with your titles?

SweetT: With some of my fics, like my Light and Basking series it had to do with an idea that I had for something that would be said later in the fic. Some of the other ones are maybe just a little bit random, like F Stop and Places You've Never Been- well no, that was the same thing as Light, it was a line he said in the fic. A Fire that could burn a thousand suns, that's just something I say all the time, like “I hate you with a passion that could burn a thousand suns” it's ridiculous, but I say it, because I'm ridiculous some times. Such Great Heights and the series that will be based on that are from song titles that have special meaning to me.

Lacym3: What fanfic authors do you drop everything to read?

SweetT: Usually Meriana Green. I'm in love with Running and CD, which is it's sequel. And I'm literally opening up my page right now, because there's another one.

Lacym3: ((laughs))

SweetT: Oh it's WTVOC, with the vamps of course is what it stands for. Bound for Glory is the reason I turned my alerts back on after a long time. Right now, I'm not really reading a lot, but those are the two things that I am reading, and I'll read them right away when the alerts come in. There are other author's that I love, but I don't have a lot of time on my hands so I'm like, kind of waiting for them to finish their stories so I can read them all at once.

Lacym3: What draws you to Jasper as a fic subject?

SweetT: I like his potential. I think Edward is kind of... well.. how do I put this nicely? Edward's kind of a controlling jerk in cannon. I don't like cannon Edward much, but I do like cannon Jasper. I tend to write my characters similar to cannon. I think I hold them pretty close to cannon, and so writing edward for me is not easy because I don't like him very much. With Jasper, I like the idea of where he came from, I mean, it's not very nice for him, but it's an interesting story. I like him personality, I like who he is. I kind of like what I can do with him. I ramble a lot don't I?

Lacym3: It's cool. I'm used to it.

SweetT: You'll have a lot of fun transcribing.

Lacym3: Oh my God, as long as it doesn't take five hours again. I thought I was going to shoot myself around hour three.

SweetT: Don't do that. I have big plans for you. Wow, that sounds really dirty.

Lacym3: ((laughs)) I'm putting that in the interview!

SweetT: That's not what I meant, though! Now everyone's going to think I'm cheating on mommybrook.

Lacym3: Are any of the events in your fics based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

SweetT: ((epic snort)) Uh... Yes.

((raucous unexplained laughter follows))

SweetT: Well you see, what had happened was....

((After a break from a conversation about German porn and back into SweetT's life- which sometimes includes German porn.))

SweetT: Places You've Never Been, it was actually Carlisle, and it was based on a friend of mine. A certain porn reading friend of mine. There's times where I'll blend a bit of my friend into my main characters. Such Great Heights, that Bella is written completely in my voice. She's me very much. Jasper's... pretty much every one in that story is based on someone I know. You're in that story.

Lacym3: I am.

SweetT: You haven't appeared yet, but you're in it. You're in like two chapters I think.

Lacym3: I love being written into fics. It makes me feel all special.

SweetT: You are special. You're my special Lacy.

Lacym3: I don't know how to take that.

SweetT: In the best way possible.

Lacym3: What books or fanfic have most influenced your writing?

SweetT: I suppose I have to say the Twilight series, because I'm writing Twilight fan fiction. But not her writing style.

Lacym3: Right.

SweetT: The Book of English Grammar.

Lacym3: ((laughs))

SweetT: I would like to site that one for sure. I forgot the author's name, but it was a book I used in college. Not a lot of people know it, but it has moose in it.

Lacym3: Really?

SweetT: Yeah, I bought it the other day.

Lacym3: Nice.

SweetT: I just randomly opened to a page, and it had a picture of two moose on it. And I knew I just had to buy it, because it had grammar and moose in it. I think that everything I read effects me a little but, so there are probably bits and pieces of a whole lot of things mixed in. Other than Twilight itself, there isn't one significant influence.

Lacym3: What are you reading now (fanfic or “real”)?

SweetT: Just the two that I mentioned earlier that I drop everything for. I've got a bunch of other fanfics that I'm going and reading a chapter or two of at a time because I'm crazy busy at the moment and don't have time to read much. It seemed like I was reading an actual book with pages, but I can't remember what it was called. I read it on the plane going to my dad's, and I didn't finish it.

Lacym3: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

SweetT: I'm trying to think who I know that's new... The Understudy wrote a really awesome Charlie one-shot, and it was called For Bell's Sake. That one really caught my attention, I left her a kick-ass review for that. Oh! Wait! I have to go and look... The girl who wrote April in Paris, I would pretty much read anything that she wrote because of that one story. AutumnSong, that's her name. It's a Carlisle/Bella, and it's one of the best ones I've read. She made me cry so hard that I threw up.

Lacym3: Well that makes me want to run and read it...

SweetT: It effected me more than I think it will effect you. It hit too close to home at the time. It was so well done that it really, really got to me. And there's some really hot sex in it.

Lacym3: What are your current projects?

SweetT: There's a list... I'm opening my 'To Do' list right now. Such Great Heights is number one on my list. That's the most important thing I'm doing right now. And someday I'm going to finish our collab.

Lacym3: Oh yeah...

SweetT: I'm so close! ((laughs)) Then I wrote the Victoria/Bella one shot for the Dirty Cheeky Monkeys blog,and pretty much everyone who review it requested that I continue it so I'm going to. That's A Fire That Could Burn a Thousand Suns. And I'm actually a month and a half late posting my new Carlisle/Bella. I wrote the first chapter for the Fandom for Autism. It's called just this once, and I'm really late posting that, and not even close to it happening yet, but it will happen someday soon. I also have a Darkward called What He Can't Have. Those are the things that I'm actively trying to do right now. I've got a bunch of other things in the works right now, but those are the only active ones. I'm just slow.

Lacym3: Do people outside of the fandom know about your writing? If so, who?

SweetT: My ex asshat, he found my stories and he didn't like them very much. He emailed me the link once with no words attached, and said later that it showed what kind of person I was or something. Some bullshit. He's an idiot.

SweetT: I think my parents kind of know. They have no idea what I'm writing. The think I'm obsessed with Twilight or something, and the know that I write, so maybe they've put the two together.

Lacym3: I doubt it.

SweetT: Yeah, I don't know. But my Dad actually helped me a little bit with Here Without You. He didn't know it was a Twilight thing, but he helped me with it. A lot a people know that I write, they just don't know what I write. Pretty much everyone else I know is from the fandom, so...

lacym3: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

SweetT: Humor. I have a hard time purposely being funny, I'm much better at accidentally being funny. Oh! And I forgot that my sister knows that I write, she's actually read my stories. But humor is probably the hardest things for me.

Lacym3: What are your top five fics?

SweetT: Ever?

Lacym3: Yeah.

SweetT: Oh crap. Now I have to open fanfic again, you're killing me here.

Lacym3: ((cackles))

SweetT: This is a really hard question.

Lacym3: Narrow it down.

SweetT: You realize how long my favorites list is, right? And I only put things on my favorites list if they're actually my favorite. Uh... Mr. Horrible. That one was so effing funny.

I might have to say Ithaca is Gorgeous. That one was actually cannon. It was told from Carlisle's point of view, and it was one of the greatest Carlisle's I've ever read. I totally worship Giselle.

Running, by Meriana Greene. How many was that?

Lacym3: Three.

SweetT: That was three? I'm trying so hard to decide carefully. Um... Over the Top.

Lacym3: Mmmm... Edward/Jasper.

SweetT: That one made me cry so hard. And maybe Family Therapy Cullen Style?

Lacym3: Oh god, that one is so epic.

SweetT: I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my entire life.

Lacym3: Jasper in that story kills me. Jasper in all of her stories kills me.

SweetT: I know. When he ties the bandanna around his head, standing on the chair singing the Confederate National Anthem, I just want to die.

Lacym3: ((laughs))

SweetT: Can I pick five one-shots, too?

Lacym3: I suppose.

SweetT: Oh yay. I didn't think you'd say yes. Okay... The Hummer. You know how much I love that one. That's the hottest Carlisle. It's Vamplisle. If there's a spelling like, Uuuuhhhhhggghhh, put that in there.

Lacym3: I'm sure I can figure out how to spell it. (Which I did, just point it out)

SweetT: Oh, oh my god. You know which other one? Logic Has Died Weeping.

Lacym3: Who wrote that?

SweetT: Isparkle616.

Lacym3: I don't think I've read it.

SweetT: It's the one that makes fun of Breaking Dawn.

L3: Oh yeah!

ST: It's fantastic.

L3: Oh yeah.

ST: Hope in Their Arms by NcChris.

L3: So good.

ST: I think that's the best thing NcChris has ever done, and I love NcChris.

Sex God Hair and Chocolate Orbs.

L3: Oh my god, that was hilarious.

ST: Right? Oh, and, what's that one JaspersBella wrote? Dancing With Cinderella.

L3: That one made me cry so much.

ST: Oh yeah, me too. Those are my five one shots, I think.

L3: What do you do to overcome writer’s block?

ST: Threaten to kill all of my characters.

L3: ((cackles)) Which you've done.

ST: Or actually kill all of my characters. That was the worst. When I had writers block on Basking, I really just wanted to kill all of my characters and end the story. I was ready to give up. The only reason I didn't is because I think BamaBabe would have killed me. She actually offered to write my chapter for me. I don't know what finally broke it, I have no idea what finally broke it. I just sat down one day, and was like “Okay, I finally figured it out.” I think I sat down with my beta, or whoever is my person on the story is the best thing that I can do. But I really do threaten to kill all of my characters. Talking it out is the thing that helps the most. Threatening to kill people doesn't really help, it just makes me feel better.

L3: Which of the Twilight Saga books is your favorite?

ST: Probably Twilight. It's the only one that I think that actually like them at all. I don't think I like the characters enough in any of the others.

L3: Least favorite?

ST: Breaking Dawn.

L3: That's like the universal answer.

ST: It's garbage! It's how many pages, 700? So it's like 650 some pages leading up to something that never happens. The biggest let down in history.

L3: Yeah, I was completely let down. I was like “They're leaving? What the hell?”

ST: Yeah, it was like What? Really? Come on! And we don't even need to talk about the spawn. And the dog falling in love with the spawn. God, it was awful.

L3: The whole imprinting on a baby thing freaks me out anyway.

ST: It's creepy.

L3: It's like come on, Stephanie Meyer, what the hell? I know you're a Mormon, but fuck!

ST: And all those pages in the middle where it was Jacob's point of view and nothing happens. At all. What a load of crap. That was like, “my editor told me I had to write this many pages.” That's what that was. It was just filler. Nothing happened. Nothing happened in that entire book.

L3: It didn't. They had sex. She got pregnant.

ST: Yeah.

L3: Bunch of fall out from that.

ST: I liked the book until she found out she was pregnant. It just went downhill from there. I really liked it until then, I'll be honest, and then it just got lame. By the end, I literally... when the Volturi walked away, I threw the book across the room. I was so mad.

L3: Do you write or read any other fandoms?

ST: No. I read actual books, like I read Harry Potter, but I don't read Harry Potter fic, because I like Harry Potter too much to do it. Like, I've read one or two, and I read this really weird Spongebob fic once because Oz made me.

L3: Oh good Lord.

ST: And that was just totally not okay.

L3: No, no, no.

ST: But really, I like Harry Potter so much that I just can't get into fic of it. I considered reading some Buffy because luvmesomejasper got me addicted to that stupid show. But I don't know if I actually will or not.

L3: Is there any genre or pairing that you don’t read?

ST: I'm not a big fan of the wolf fics. I'll read them, like if someone recs one and says it's really good, I'll give it a chance, but I don't usually go looking for them. And I normally don't get into the Volturi fics either, especially Bella paired with any of them. I just don't buy it, I have a hard time buying that. And I don't want to read anything with Jane or Alec in them, because it creeps me out because they're children. Other than that, I'd probably read anything. I like to read with the Cullens, I like to leave the Cullens in there. At least the Whitlocks, because I like Peter and Char a lot. While I would be willing to read a Carlisle/Esme story or I would read a Rose/Emmett, if there was a good story, I'd totally read it. I just don't do it that often. I usually lead the paring with Bella and someone, or if it's slash. But I did write a Peter/Charlotte.

L3: Do you have any plot bunnies begging to be written? Can you share?

ST: Um, we go back to the list of things to do...

Other than the stuff I mentioned before, I've got this Bella/Edward one shot, or it might be more than a one shot, it might be a three shot, it depends. I'm a wordy bitch sometimes. It's like a phone sex story. And I've got a Jasper/Bella/Edward that's going to be a multi-chapter that I'm really excited about. Actually I also have a DarkBella/Edward pairing. I know, Edward. I said three things with Edward in it. But it's going to be a multi-chapter as well. And then, someday, I am going to finish my soap opera story.

L3: Yes, yes you will.

ST: If I go by TwiFicPics at all, I'll get inspired again, and I'll be in trouble. There's actually a Jasper/Edward banner someone made that I would pretty much give her a finger if she'd let me have it so I could write a story for it, but so far she hasn't said yes.

L3: It would pretty awkward to type missing a finger.

ST: And play guitar too. Maybe a toe. But then my shoes wouldn't look very nice. Perhaps something else.

L3: Perhaps. You could give her one of your ears.

ST: Well, I need those to listen to music.

L3: You could still hear missing an ear! It would be just the outside part of it would be cut off.

ST: …...

How about if I just give her a lock of my hair?

L3: Now that would just be creepy.

ST: Oh and the finger wasn't?

L3: I could understand the finger.

L3: What inspired you to write To Have and To Hold?

ST: A girl that I used to know wanted to read soap opera stories. And I wanted to... I just thought about it, and I was just... I could go crazy. And I did go crazy. The story was completely ridiculous. It was like a 15k one shot, or something completely insane like that, and then Lacy, which is you, made me continue writing it. And then I kind of forgot to finish writing it.

L3: ((exasperated sigh)) You will finish writing it one day!

ST: I will finish it. I know how it ends, too. That was the problem, I didn't know how it ended, but I finally do know, so it will happen.

L3: I know where you live. You will finish it.

ST: Yes you do know where I live.

L3: I've been there many times.

ST: You were just here a few weeks ago.

L3: I was.

L3: Tell us about any other hobbies you have, other than writing.

ST: Guitar. That's like number one. I love to listen to it. I love to look at them. And I love to play them.

L3: Guitars are your fetish.

ST: They are. I could probably be like that girl with the guitar porn that we watched that one time. And see, people are going to read that and not understand. But that's okay.

L3: That chick was frightening, man. It weirded me out.

ST: It was really creepy.

L3: And the worst thing about it is, is that you didn't tell me what I was clicking! And I'm sitting in the same room as my brother. And then I click on this link, and there's moaning! And guitar! And I'm like “Oh my god!”

ST: Okay so I just looked at my twitter timeline, and saw “No, they have to use spongecake! It helps remove the scales from your vaginal area!”

But anyway, is that before or after your brother thought I was hot?

L3: That would be after.

ST: So in other words, he didn't think I was hot anymore by that point?

L3: I don't know. He didn't say anything. I just got kind of a funny look. Which I was kind of trying to avoid, because I wouldn't, you know-

ST: I was just wondering if that like, made him raise a brow, like “What was I thinking about this crazy woman?”

L3: I don't think he knew that it was you that linked me. I think that he just thought I was looking at weird stuff on the internet.

ST: That's probably a good thing. It would have been one more reason for it to be awkward when I met him. As if there weren't enough.

L3: Okay, any final, parting comments?

L3: ((Laughs)) I love that question. It puts everyone on the spot.

ST: I want it to be like something really profound.

L3: Super cool.

ST: I feel I should talk about German porn.

L3: Do it! I mean, nothing can be weirder than the finally parting comment of that LAST interview. Good lord!

ST: What did she say again?

L3: We wound up somehow talking about how my grandma was the devil, about how she's a serial killer and she sucks the souls out of babies.

ST: My mom tries to suck my soul out. I think my mom is a Dementor.

L3: ((laughs)) that is the perfect parting line.

ST: No, I've got it!

Danke Schoen.

----Big awesome gropey thanks to SweetT! Next weeks interviewee, mommybrook.

Until then,


You two crack me the fuck up.

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