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Hey guy! Yes I know this late today, but I'm here now so all is good.

Our nice little Dirty moment was sent to me by fellow Darlin MW138. Thank you hon.

It was taken from the MTV movie awards. Stars were declaring their feelings about on-screen smooches.

Here's what our hot piece of man candy said...

"Gone with the Wind has some of the best kisses. I'm a big Southerner and there is this power and strength behind those characters. And hoop skirts. It's all about the hoop skirts, girls. They are sexy. You could have just about anything under those skirts and they intrigue me like, 'What is going on up under there, my lady?'"

Now let's see what he was talking about.

I can see what he's talking about. You could hide anything under that skirt: Jackson, Jared, a piano, Jackson, an elephant, Jackson, a Volvo, Jackson, or an alternate universe where all men look like Jackson. I really, really like the last option.

I have this sudden need to go buy one and carry it around with me wherever I go, just in case I happen to ever run into him. I'll also have a rope handy, of course, so he can't escape.

And just because I want to see him dressed like a big Southerner...

So nice.

Until next week. MWAH!


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