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Hey y'all! Welcome back to Underappreciated Fics segment where this week I'm bringing you an AH Jasper/Bella one shot that caught my attention

I was cleaning out my inbox and reading a few recs from the non-canon love C2 ran by the fabulous Tiffaninichole when I came across a story titled Chicks Dig Scars by grrlnorth :)

It's a fantastically fun story where Bella, Rose, and Alice are all best friends who are meeting the boys at the lake for some summer fun after their first year at college. Bella likes Rose's cousin Jasper but she doesn't know why he won't ever get in the water.

Rose says it's not her story to tell and basically pushes Bella in Jasper's direction.

That's when Bella asks Jasper and he takes her aside to tell her his story.

You are gonna love this piece as much as I did I hope.

I'm outta here until next week, but don't forget to leave the author some love!!!! Show your appreciation!



I've had that one on my to read list...I'm gonna have to go and read it!

You should Kenzi. It's so good.

This one is one of my favorites...it's really good ;)

Thank you so much! I'm blushing! *smooches*

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