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Hey there kiddos! I'd like to thank my girls for taking care of me last week when I was out. I had some personal issues. And then I was gone all weekend at a SUPERNATURAL convention. *is that much of a dork* I loved every second of it, if you're curious.

Anyway, the pic the girls put up for last week was great!! I loved the responses that we got. And here was my favorite:

"I swear I saw Jasper in the locker room shower and it was huge!"

This comes from mandic1984. so if you'll email me kitty_cullen@hotmail.com we'll get you set up! Well done!!
Here's last weeks just in case.

for this week, I decided to jump on the Breaking Dawn band wagon and see what you guys can do with THIS. *snickers* #AndGo

Much love,


Damn, what is Esme putting in her casseroles?

"Geez, I've got to lay off the mushroom ravioli."

This is, totally, like invasion of the body snatchers, like!

OMG I told Esme not to make so much food seeing as how I'm the only one that eats. Now I gotta go on a diet *sigh*

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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