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Today is Saturday and as this is posting I will be setting out on the road. Now I expect lots of comments on the yummy goodness by the time I finish up my seven hour road trip. Please...hopefully...maybe? If I get more than four I'll sneak in a Jackson one next week. More than six and I'll sneak in two.

Alright, now that I've told all of you I'm not above using a bribe we'll get to that yummy goodness I was talking about.

Today you get three gifs. Only because with the Kellen ones I really had a hard time choosing. Trust me you will understand my dilemma.

Up first Emmett:
He just looks so mean and wet............wait sorry forgot myself there for a minute.

I think he wants to tell us a secret.

and the piece de resistance
Iz ded.

Oh.....ah.....unf...... fuck I just ruined my panties

Personally I like the second

Wet Emmett equals wet panties. Just the way it is. *sighs* He is perfect in every way.

Mmmmm love these gives of the very sexy Kellan <3 thanks for them

Why can't Jackson pose in his underwear? ...... I guess he wants to keep his fans alive

Well I guess since I got 7 all of you get two Jackson gifs next week too. Oh the difficulty of having to go look for two now. :)

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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