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Hey, Jasper's Woman here!

Like most women, I found out about Twilight by accident. I was feeding my infant son at the time and finally got him to relax with me in the recliner. Twilight came on and I had no choice to watch it. I heard all the hoopla about this teen vampire movie and was ready to pick it apart, but instead I was mesmerized. I couldn't believe how caught up I was in this movie.

I did some research and found out that New Moon was coming out soon and not only preordered it, but bought all the books and read them in one week. It was then that I discovered I was completely and totally obsessed with Jasper. OH FUCK! I was done for, all I could do was rewind and watch his scenes and read his parts of the book over and over. I became a ravenous woman and couldn't understand why Edward and Bella? Jasper would have fucked her the moment she asked. I spent most nights fantasizing about all the delicious and wicked things he could do to my body. Oh hell, I spent most days fantasizing about him too.

I found fan fiction by accident and slowly started reading stories and began to realize that I was not alone in my obsession and perversion for Twilight and Jasper. I was surprised that I was not alone, that there were others just like me, well-mannered women and moms who were all sweet and socially appropriate, but behind closed doors were reading and writing the smuttiest, filthiest, raunchiest, goriest, sexiest things on the planet. Fuck, I was in heaven and needed more. So I began to write my own stories and filter the perversion from in my head onto paper cause I sure as shit couldn't tell anyone in RL about my Twilight and Jasper obsession.

As I wrote, I learned that I like the taboo, I like the force, dominance and submission of it all. But it always has a happy ending. I like my men to be rough and take what they want. I like them as manly men, not meek virgins. I like my women to be submissive and sexy, quite manipulative and resourceful to ensure that their men are content. They will do ANYTHING to keep their men happy. Most often these women know more than their men think they do.

As some of you know, I like the idea of Jasper/Bella, Emmett/Alice and Edward/Rosalie, they seem so much sexier as couples and a much better fit. Edward would have lost his cherry had he mated with Rosalie. They would keep each other in check, he's a prude and she's wild so together, it's a perfect blend. Emmett and Alice...well how hot is that shit? He could bend and twist her body in ways you never imagined. Jasper and Bella, well he would dominate her body and show her pleasure she never knew existed. That's how it is in my current story, You Were Meant to be Mine and will be in my new story, With You I Am Complete, coming out soon.

Many thanks to Jasper's Woman for telling us a little bit about herself. Make sure you read her story and leave her some love.

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