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Another new Friday and another new video or videos in this case.

This weeks focus is Emmett or Kellen Lutz whichever way you want to look at it. I love Emmett. He's just this big bear (cliche I know) that you want to hug. Thanks to Twilightobsessed09 for requesting him. Yes she also chose Carlisle last week, but she was my only commenter. If you want to see your favorite ask. :)

Now while I was searching for an Emmett tribute I came to realize there aren't any good ones. They all show too much of Edward or Rosalie or they're just slideshows and not actual video.

So today I went a different way with scenes from Eclipse. It's a short video at only 55 seconds, but I think all of you will like it. Especially with the fact that Jasper is a big part of it too. I hope you enjoy.

On to the good stuff.

Emmett (and Jasper):

(I will admit I watched this about ten times before I remembered what I was supposed to be doing)

Now with the Kellen tribute I did go with a slideshow because lets face it that boy makes some pretty yummy pics.

Well what did you think? Don't forget to comment. See all of you next week.


I know it's Emmett's week, but watching Jasper rip various body parts off of the newborns was so, so nice. YUM! I love those fighting scenes!

I loved both videos. I would love to see Jasper/Jackson all the time. What can I say, he's my favorite!

MW-I know what you're talking about. It's why I picked it.

Kate-He's my favorite too. I have to spread the love though.

That's an awesome tune for the fight sequence. I had to look it up.

O.O I missed a Carlisle video of the week? Seriously?!

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