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*looks around at the new blog* Niiiiiice! now lets see if I can post with out screwing it up LOL.

I'm sure you have figured out that Workin' the Poll is one of the many new segments we here at the Darlin headquarters are proud to be bringing to you. Every week, we will bring you a twitter poll to be answered by you and then posted by us....how simple is that right!

The questions will be Jaspersentric mostly, but I'm sure we will throw in some other random twilight and fanfiction related polls as well, so be on the look out. The best answers will be featured on the blog every  week.  

If you arent following us on twitter, then clearly something is amiss and you must no I mean MUST head over to twitter and follow @Jaspers_Darlins

*hugs and kisses from your resident twitter h00r*


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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