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Underappreciated Fics: The Moment I Can See It by @ShrtHappyLife

Hello to all the fabulous Jasper-luving followers out there!
My name is Mel, I'm new to the Darlin's (a Darlin in Training right now) and I will be taking over the UnderAppreciated Fics section of the Darlin’s Blog! I am so super excited to be a part of the blog and even more excited to be able to rec y'all some seriously fantastic fics that are not getting nearly as much attention as they should!
For my first rec, I dug deep into my favorite stories list and when I came upon this one-shot with only 28 reviews, I thought, why doesn’t it have more?
I’m hoping that by shedding some light on it’s fabulous-ness we’ll be able to solve the problem and show this author how wonderful we think she is!
The story is a Jasper/Edward slash pairing called The Moment I Can See It by ShortHappyLife.
As Edward’s college graduations looms closer and closer, and all of his friends know exactly what they want to do, it makes Edward feel useless because he really doesn’t know what he’s going to do with his life.
He ends up in a diner in a small town, lost in memories of the bad examples of love he’s been shown his whole life.
Cut to the future where Edward and Jasper are in a relationship with each other. There are scenes that show bits and pieces of their relationship, the good and the bad. Edward has a problem believing that Jasper loves him and isn’t going to leave him and Jasper is dead set on showing Edward that true love exists and that just because they fight doesn’t mean he’s going to leave, but will Edward ever be able to believe it or will he push Jasper to the point that it’s not worth fighting for anymore?
The story describes the journey of two boys who both grow and change to meld into each other and make one another happy. I can’t tell you how it’s going to end because then there would be no reason for you to read and review and that’s the whole point isn’t it?
Please head on over to her profile and show her some love and tune in next week for a new rec!

Also, before I let you go this week, if you or someone you know has an Underappreciated Jasper fic, please feel free to let me know via comment or you can e-mail me at countryprincess43@gmail.com... to qualify it would be a o/s under 40 reviews or a chapter fic that gets less than 15reviews per chapter! I love new recs and also want to give the readers what y'all want!
Until then,

maybe if you do a slash one there could be a jasper/girl one too...

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