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Wow! It's so great to be here!! I'm Agrutle and I'm going to be bringing you fandom happenings! Seeing as this is the first time I am posting anything I wanted to bring you a couple of different things going on around the fandom. I found a couple of contests that are going on and then some charities that you can donate to or get involved with!

First I know of a contest that is going on for Father's Day. Its being held by Twificdatabase and its for ANY male character from the Twilight Saga. It could be any pairing as well. You have plenty of time to get your oneshot in there entries can be submitted until June 10th. Winners will be announced on the 30th of June, so get your daddy on!! Bring on your Jasper/Bella pairings or your Edward/Jasper pairing! All kinds of daddies are welcome!!


With Mother's day right around the corner I thought that this contest represented it perfectly, it's called Trying For a Baby. Submissions are accepted until May 22nd. It's anonymous so its perfect for first timers that are looking to get in to writing without having to put themselves out there so much.


Now on to the charities. Both of these are worthy causes. So many authors have contributed to both of them so you going to get a great compilation.

First up we have Fandom For Sexual Assault Awareness. You are still able to sign up to contribute until May 31st. The last day to send in your one shot, outtake or original fic between 2,000 and 10,000 words is June 15th. The compilation will be sent out on June 30. Please check out their site for more information.


Secondly all of us in the US know about the devastating storms that have happened in the southern states. There is a Fandom for the Storms. Again so many great authors and it will help out people having such a difficult time right now. Please check out their site for more information.


Thanks for checking out whats going on in the fandom with me. I'll see ya next time!!!


Loved it I want to get my daddy on reading that is LOL.

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