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The Featured Darlin’ for this week is AbbyMickey24. Some of her best work includes the stories “Senior Year”, “The Box”, “Two Weeks”, “Two Months”, and (my personal favorite, because it was written for ME) “Secrets”. She’s a Stay-At-Home Mom living in my hometown in Florida, though she’s originally a Georgia Peach (say it with me, with the accent: Gee-oh-ja Peach!) and I’ve actually had the amazing opportunity to meet her in-person. If possible, I love her even more now that I’ve met her face-to-face. Keep reading to see her answers to my questions.

1. Penname? AbbyMickey24
2. How long have you been reading/writing FanFiction? Reading about four years. Writing for three.
3. What’s your favorite pairing? Hands down Jasper/Bella
4. What’s your favorite genre? I'm an angst girl. I like the drama before the HEA. If a story is too fluffy, I get bored.
5. If you were to collaborate with an author, who would you choose to collaborate with? There are three with me VegaTenshi, givemesomevamp, and TiffaniNichole.
6. Name some stories you think everyone in the fandom should be required to read (don’t forget to list the authors with their stories). B/J-“Golden Moon” by NusiainForks, “When Darkness Turns to Light” by Janna Banana, “The Girl Under The Bed” by Nostalgicmiss, “A Murmur Of Fire In The Vein” by ElleCC; B/C-“Working Out The Kinks” and its sequel “Breaking The Chains” by ItHappened, “Moonlit” by Stormdragonfly; Also anything by Lalina.
7. What do you look for when reading a story (i.e. writing style, no mistakes, etc.)? First it's the summary. If it doesn't catch my attention, I won't read. If it has too many mistakes, I won't read either. Of course I've started some stories because of the summary only to then realize that either a-the full potential wasn't reached or b-there are too many mistakes that just make it hard to get through. I don't mind a few typos or left out words because lord knows I do that, but when every other word is messed up then I can't concentrate.
8. What turns you off of a story? When I get invested in a couple and then they are pulled apart. What I mean by that is when you read the whole thing and then the couple doesn't end up together. I know not every story has an HEA, but state that at the beginning, so I'm prepared. Also when lemons are thrown in unnecessarily just to have one.
9. What’s your favorite version of Jasper (i.e. Geeksper? Domsper? Darksper?)? ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!! But if you do really want me to choose just one, I'd have to say the ultimate is single Daddysper.
10. Is there any type of story that you will absolutely NOT read, regardless of how well it may be written? There are four for me. 1) Vamp Edward and human Bella if the plot has him leaving and coming back when she's older. 2) Any Jacob/Bella pairing 3) Any Alice/Jasper pairing where they are the main couple 4) If Jasper dies (human or vamp) it ain't happening with me.
11. Who is your favorite FanFiction author? Givemesomevamp, TiffaniNichole, VegaTenshi, Merina Green, apk1980, Lalina, Twolipps, busymommy, and way too many more to put here. Check my favorites list on my profile that will help complete the list.
12. What is your favorite FanFiction story? “Slow Burn” and “The Quiet Room” by givemesomevamp, “Thirteen” and “To Keep You Safe” by Twolipps, “Control” by VegaTenshi, “Bars and Wars” by trampvamp, and “Conversations With My Killer” by Oracle Vas. Also again just look at my favorites list to find the rest.
13. Are you good at leaving reviews, or do you tend to simply “lurk”? I suck at leaving reviews. I'm horrible and should be shot, really. I have those select few that I review every chapter but most of the time I lurk.
14. What do you do when you get Writer’s Block? I will either read something else, try and write something else, or go hit up VegaTenshi for some perspective. I also have a habit of just writing and deleting the chapter until it clicks.
15. What is the atmosphere like when you’re writing (i.e. quiet, loud, cigarette)? The TV is always on as background noise. A lot of times I have my earbuds in listening to my ipod or one of my YouTube playlists. My kid is also usually asking questions. All of that happens while I smoke like a freight train.
16. What’s your favorite thing about writing FanFiction? The readers especially. They make it all worth it. When they find joy in it then I find joy in writing the story. I also like being able to put Bella and Jasper together. I think they are much better suited than her and Edward or him and Alice.
17. Least favorite? The second-guessing and near panic when I have trouble getting a chapter out. It's usually all in my head, according to reviews, but I still have that ‘oh fuck’ moment. Like should I have gone a different way or not.
18. Slash or no slash? I've only read slash that TiffaniNichole has done so I would say yes. However if anyone can send me recs for others I'd be happy to give them a chance. I can't do femslash though.
19. What scene involving Jasper would you have liked to have read, rather than it having been glossed over in the books (i.e. Jasper’s history with Maria, Peter, and Char; Jasper wandering; Jasper’s reaction to Edward becoming infatuated with Bella—shown in MS, but not in Twilight)? Without a doubt it would be his history with Peter and Charlotte. They are the reason he left Maria and I would love to see how it all played out.
20. Which is your favorite book in the Saga? Eclipse
21. If Jasper were a real person in your life, what would you do? I would attack him every day, in a good way of course.
22. Is Jackson Rathbone your Jasper, or do you have another actor you’d rather play him? He is my Jasper completely.

So... hawt...

23. Is there a character (besides Jasper) that you absolutely love? Peter, Emmett, and a dominant Carlisle in that order.
24. Is there a character that you absolutely hate? This is a three way tie between Edward, Alice, and Jacob. They are way at the bottom of my list behind The Volturi, The nomads, and even Maria.

Pansy-ass 109 year-old virgin with a controlling disposition who always feels he knows best? NOPE! (Who wants a guy who probaby had to ask his brothers where the clitoris was, anyhow?)

Annoying, meddling Pixie-bitch who sacrifices her friends because her "brother" is a coward? NOPE!

Borderline would-be rapist who doesn't understand the word "No" in any form or fashion, who has a temper problem, and ends up as a pedophile? NOPE!

25. Are you annoyed by my questions yet (keep in mind you have a lot more to answer each week)? Nope because I absolutely love you. :)


Nice to meet you, AbbyMickey24!!

Great interview, VegaTenshi!

Slash rec: If you love angst, you'll love, 'Gasping for Air' by Wolfenmoon1313. Jasper isn't really sexy in this one, so much as he's adorable! Edward isn't too bad, either. I hope you enjoy it!!

'Uncomfortable' by Savannah-Vee, is another angsty one. You'll love that Alice gets dumped by Jasper in it, too. LOL!

http: // www . fanfiction . net / s / 5323125 / 1 / Gasping_for_Air


Hey that's me up there. Thanks for the interview hun. You know I love you too.

Nice to meet you as well CarliDenae. Thanks for the two rec's they are on my to read list now.

Great interview and UGH cant stand canon Alice, Edward, or Jake either!!

abbymickey24 HEre is my C2 of slash, babe Have fun!

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