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Hello people! Another Saturday is here and once again time for some hotness.

As all of you know, last week I went with a few tasty Jackson gifs. Seeing as I didn't get any comments I'm thinking I probably killed all of you. That or you're all still daydreaming about the tongue. Hee hee.

I need you to focus though so we can get to the new gifs. You all here....okay good. Let's move on.

Now last week I also went with a theme between my two posts and starting today I will be doing that again. What does that mean you ask? Well, today it means you get a Jasper and a Jackson gif. Next week, however, it will mean the gifs will be what character I chose for the videos of the week.

WTF you say. Trust me I know how you feel since I want Jasper all the time too, but we have to spread the love.
*stage whispers* If you're nice and leave me comments I might sneak one in every now and then.

This week is Jacksper though so without anymore babbling from me, let's get to the good stuff.

Who wouldn't want him running straight at you like that?

Must be a good sandwich.


Fuck hot. I know what else he can eat!

*faints* Jasper's running to get me...hopefully in a good way LOL, & Jackson eating like someone wants to steal his sandwich! hmmmmmmm

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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