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This week's Darlin' for a Day has written 12 stories for Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean, True Blood, Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries, Chronicles of Narnia, Knight Rider, Wrestling, Lords Of The Underworld series, and Noughts and Crosses. On behalf of the Darlin's, I'd like to introduce...ammNIwriter!

I've always had a love for the written word. My tastes are eclectic - from the Classics to Dark Fantasy to Crime; I love them all. I have written a number of different things over the years and at my first secondary school, two of my poems were published. It was at this school where I learned some of my capabilities. The most memorable was a piece of coursework I did for English Language in which I wrote a short story on a Jack the Ripper copycat in modern times. It was gruesome, horrific and filled with so much gore that one of my friends stopped reading halfway through and the other may have been a little sick...whoops! However, the response encouraged me to try writing more.

I was recommended FanFiction by a friend at my second secondary school, two years ago. In some ways the time has flown by, in others it feels so much longer. I have written for several different fandoms: Twilight, Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lords of the Underworld are but a few. I not only read and write FanFiction, but also use its forums on a daily basis. It is within these forums that I have created strong friendship bonds with other writers. They have been there for me in any and all of my difficulties. They have made me laugh, cry and helped broaden my obsessions.

FanFiction has helped me in so many ways. It has taught me to grow as a writer and as a person. The people I have virtually met have helped me through many situations. They are also all so amazing and I just hope that someday I can leave dreary, wet Northern Ireland behind for a few months and travel around and meet some of the people who have helped make a difference in my life.

Whilst I have been a somewhat avid Twilight fan for the last two years, it wasn't until much more recently that I stumbled across the fandom within FanFictiion. I discovered the AH fics and soon after my first Twilight FanFic was born. The annoying plot bunny poked and prodded at me, developing in my mind when I was supposed to be concentrating on my A Levels. Sadly as with most writers, the annoying obstruction known as Writer's Block hit me full force and I was forced to place the fic on hiatus. The other writers I have met through FanFiction gave me the boost I needed to propel me into writing again. Plot Bunnies viciously attacked me and I suddenly found myself writing a new Twific. I love receiving reviews for my writing and always laugh at my readers when they get grumpy at me for being evil and ending the chapter with yet another cliffhanger. Yep, I'm evil! *giggles*

At first when I read FanFics I stuck to canon couples, then a friend introduced me to a Jasper/Bella fic. Let me tell you that within the first chapter, my eyes were opened and I saw the light! Jasper fit perfectly with Bella and I found myself loving him so much more. Then the stills for Eclipse came out and I found my, um, appreciation for the handsome man with the delicious and swoon-worthy smirk, Jackson Rathbone.

Since broadening my boundaries on non-canon coupling, I have found myself falling for many of the other characters within the Twilight world. Each one that I have read has been done brilliantly and they are all quite realistic. It makes it that much more difficult to say what my favourite pairing is, however just the image of Jasper in my head definitely puts him in the lead. I can though state that my favourite genre is angst. I love to write and read it. I find they can be so powerful and for me, they are a release as in some places I have used my own dark experiences as inspiration. I can also state that the only thing I tend to avoid within the Twilight Fandom is if a member of the wolfpack is coupled with Bella, or if the story has Renesme in it. The creation of that mutant baby was just going a little bit too far, in my opinion, and so I just tend to block out her entire existence.

Although I love writing FanFiction I do hope to, in the future, write a novel of my own someday. Even if I do write my own novel and, somehow get it published, I don't think I could ever turn my back on FanFiction as it has really been the proper starting point of my writing.

Thanks to ammNIwriter for sharing a little bit about herself with us!!! If you want to read some of her fics, here's the link to her ffn profile... http://www.fanfiction.net/~ammNIwriter

And just a reminder to everyone, you too can be our Darlin' for a Day! All it takes is to come up with the winning caption for our Caption This segment. So...let your imagination go crazy and show us what you've got!!!


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