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Sorry for being late ya'll, but I'm here! Okay, so the last question I asked was:
What were the three things that Jasper said one should avoid when battling with newborns?

So...I only got one answer, but it's all good. Congrats to peetee for providing the correct answers: Never loose focus, don´t go for the obvious kill, never let them put their hands around you. Great job, Jasper would be proud!

Here's the next question for ya'll, What is Jasper's middle name?

Good lu


Oh hell you chose a dozy this time. I don't even know the answer to this one.

Is this a trick question? I didn't think he had a canon middle name...

its a trick question, his middle name was never revealed but most would say that it is whitlock because he goes by hale to fit in with their cover story.

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