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Oh hey guys. I think you liked this weeks caption better than last weeks!! I'm super pleased with the response. You all are some crazy Mo-fos. I loved literally every caption out there this week. In fact, I've stared at them for like two days now, trying to decide which one I liked best. But I finally decided. But I had to go with this one:

"It's just blood, Jasper. No need to shit a piano."

And this one comes from the lovely Jasper's Izzy. She knows the blog drill. Email me at kitty_cullen@hotmail.com so we can give you a Darlin day! Here's the photo, for those of you that forgot.

Now THIS week, I'm very excited about. I've been going with screen caps and such. But I decided to switch it up this week, and give you some manga artwork. This photo comes from madhatter_530 on deviantart. And...it just calls to me. It's so....Jasper. And it's going to make you think! I thought having a bit of seriousness wouldn't hurt us one week and the art is spectacular. Now....Go!

Much love,


Nothing bettet than washing a virgin's blood out
of your hair.

Nothing better than washing a virgins blood out of your hair

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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