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Hey all! It's Friday again and time for another new video. Or this week two new videos. That's right I'm going to do something a little different. For the next, however many weeks, I will be giving you two videos on Friday.

They will pay homage to the characters we love and the actors who portray them. I will, of course, be starting with Jasper/Jackson because he's my favorite.

I'd like to hear about your favorites too though. Does Emmett's muscles or Rose's bitchy attitude appeal to you more? Or do you have a soft spot for the Volturi and the nomads? The first one to drop me a comment will have their favorite featured next week. (unless they've already been shown).

And if you've seen a video you'd think would be good for the week let me know that too. I'll work it in once I've made it through all the characters.

Now on to the videos.


Jackson Rathbone:


I thought that this video (the first one) was beautifully done! Made me really think about Jasper's difficult journey and the one who saw his heart when she looked into his eyes. The last image has stayed with me. The conflict and pain in Jasper's eyes was truly haunting. Again, very well done!

I thought the first vid was very touching and depicts Jasper's past and present anguish pretty well. The second vid was !whew! a total guilty pleasure. He's too yummy for his own good.
A character I would love to see is the doctor, the big man, Carlisle. The man is just hawt and a doc at that!
Can't you just feel the palpitations coming on?

Well Twilightobsessed09 you will be seeing Carlisle next week. I like the hot doc too. :)

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