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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: Kyoto in the Rain by Michaela07

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

Today we're going to take a look at Kyoto in the Rain by Michaela07.

Kyoto in the Rain is told in both flashbacks and present time. Edward has suffered a great loss and traveled to Tokyo for work. He’s depressed, sullen and very apathetic. He shares and apartment with Jasper, an upbeat guy who understands and respects the language and culture of Japan.

Although they are attracted to each other, Edward’s severe depression makes him feel unworthy of Jasper and his affections. What’s worse is that he feels as though he’s betraying the one he lost in Seattle. Jasper tries his best to keep Edward out of his head and the dark thoughts that reside there, but his condition may be too much for one man to handle.

While the subject matter is often quite heavy, Kyoto in the Rain is a beautiful story. We see short glimpses of Jasper and Edward’s seemingly happy future together, so that always provides a nice respite from the pain and despair we witness from Edward in the past. One mystery that I find particularly interesting is the character Logan. We only see him through Edward’s thoughts, but we know he’s the person Edward lost in Seattle. Now, we don’t know if Logan just left Edward or if Logan died and Edward’s depression stems from that event.

I always look forward to each update of this story and can’t wait to see what happens next!

Give this story a shot!


UPDATE: I was recently informed that the first chapter of this story was originally written as an alternate ending to the popular story Mergers & Acquisitions by Touchstone67. The characters were switched around a bit for Kyoto, but I wanted to make sure everyone received proper credit. :)


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