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Alternate Reading Sites - Anonymous, I saw your comment!

I recently saw a comment from an anonymous poster about seeing if we could perhaps give some information on other sites to read fanfiction on in response to changes at Fanfiction.net.

At Jasper's Darlins, we don't officially endorse any particular reading site and certainly any list I compile and post would NEVER be all inclusive. However, in response to that comment, I thought it only fair to post a few that I personally knew of and feel free to chime in on the comments section if you know of others that you've had good luck with.

Here are a few that I frequent and have enjoyed:

Twiwrite (founded by our very own former Darlin' Jasper's Izzy)
A Different Forest
The Writer's Coffee Shop Library

The sites above carry a variety of fanfiction and some carry fandoms other than Twilight (which I also dabble in).

Additionally, there are two more sites that are Twilight niche sites that are very specific to the Wolfpack that I've found to have brilliant writing and friendly communities if you enjoy a break from Jasper (blasphemous, I know!).

JBNP (Jacob Black n Pack)
Tricky Raven

Again, I want to stress that this list is in no way all-inclusive or intended to endorse a particular group or reading site. It's just intended to give some options that I happen to be aware of as alternatives if you are looking for quality fanfiction and are dissatisfied with the site you're using.

Anonymous...whoever you were, I hope you see this and it helped!


Fantastic thanks!! Didn't know about about Twiwrite so definitely going to investigate.

You're very welcome! Twiwrite is an awesome site and it's growing. :) They're set to add a couple new fandoms pretty soon.

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