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Is there a story out there featuring our favorite Major that's so incredibly awesome it just has to be rec'd here at Jasper's Darlins?

Do you know of great Jasper-centric story that's not receiving its just due?

Well, leave a comment and let us know! The Darlins are always looking for interesting and exciting stories to share.

I'd like to rec "It's Always Been You" by kimee0479. It's an incredible story with a much too small following. Forget Edward bashing, though he does definitely deserve bashing in this tale, the twist the plot takes in the most recent chapter (ch. 7) will blow your minds and make even the most fervent Carlisle fans want to see him burn in hell.

Summary: Bella grew up with Jasper as her best friend. When Bella meets Edward Jasper realizes that he let the love of his life slip away. When Edward turns out to not to be the the man she thought he was. Jasper is there to pick up the pieces of Bella's dreams! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7906500/7/Its_Always_Been_You

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