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Darlins Come Together: Taming of a Swan by SimplyMatt

This week, the Darlins read Taming Of A Swan by SimplyMatt.

Summary: Thinking he may be gay, Jasper visits Leeds' gay strip joint, The Swan Lounge. While there he meets Emmett, a sex addicted stripper who lives for his next lay. Can two very different people become more?

Very interesting! *****************************************************************************************************************
Taming of A Swan features on of my all-time favorite slash pairings, Jasper/Emmett. The very first chapter gives you an irresistible glimpse into the psyches of a narcissistic in the extreme Emmett and a conflicted and guilt-ridden Jasper. There’s nothing about the opening of this AU/AH slashfic that pulls any punches. We know from the very beginning exactly who Emmett is and can feel immense sympathy for Jasper’s plight. We’re also introduced to Bella, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, and Charlie (in a manner) and I dare you to read the first chapter and not be hooked!

Head on over to Taming of a Swan by SimplyMatt and tell ‘em, The Darlins sent you!

~ NCChris

In this story, Jasper is a confused man who has a loving girlfriend, but has to work just to satisfy her physically. He goes to a gay strip club and is instantly attracted to brash, conceited and all-around jackass, Emmett. Since no man can say no to Emmett's wiles, he pursues the skittish Jasper only to have Jasper bolt, scared and slightly traumatized. The two men cannot get the other out of their minds and they eventually come together for an arousing experience.

It was interesting to see this completely different characterization of Emmett in this story. So often he's the happy-go-lucky guy who always has a smile on his face and joke falling from his lips. In Taming Of A Swan, Emmett is not likable. He's selfish, cocky and offensive. Jasper, on the other hand, just wants to figure himself out.

It's pretty early in the story so far, so I look forward to seeing where SimplyMatt takes the story in future chapters.

~ mw138

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