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Good Morning!! I know I slacked the last couple of weeks. Real life sucks sometimes and these past 2 weeks its been just that! Alright enough about me, lets get on to somethings going on in the fandom. 

The Wordsmith Awards is open for nominations. Here is the list of rules for nominations.

Stories must have a minimum of 3 chapters (except for Best One Shot) and must have started posted before April 15, 2012.
WIPs and Completed fics are eligible.
Stories must have 1500 reviews or less.
Stories must be posted to FF.net
Nominations will not be accepted unless they include the following information: Story and Author Name as well as a link to the story. 
There will only be a total of 10 nominees per category. Nominees will be on a first come, first serve basis.
Stories may not be nominated in more than 3 categories.
Authors may not be nominated in a total of more than 4 categories (This does not include if they are nominated as a beta or prereader).
If nominating in Best Beta or Best Pre Reader categories, please include a link to the nominees FF profile as well as to the story they beta or pre read for. 
If nominating in Best Original Character, be sure to include the original character's name along with the story, author's name, and the link to the story.
Award validators (theonlykyla, reyes139, and lvtwilight09) stories are noteligible for nomination.

Nominations are open until the 15th of May and voting will open on the 17th and close on the 26th. Winners will be announced on the 28th! Get over there and nom your favorites!!

There is also a new fandom event going on, Fandom for VetsWhen they come home, they are never the same. Many go through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, suicidal thoughts, divorce, and many other very tough things. Through Fandom4Vets, fandom authors and artists are able to use their skills to help out those they have never met.  Sign ups close on May 31st, 2012. The money that is collected for the Fandom4 Vets is going to Pets for Vets.  A wonderful organization that helps place animals with veterans that can benefit from the companionship. Below are some dates that you all should be aware of.

June 15, 2012: Teasers/Banners due.
July 1, 2012: All Submissions
July 3, 2012: Donation receipts due.
July 4, 2012: Compilation released.

Donate to this if your able, its such a worthy cause. These veterans have done so much for us, its the very least we could do. 

That's what I have for you! If you have anything that you want to come to light please don't hesitate to email me agrutle@gmail.com or comment below! I'll see you soon!! 


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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