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Good morning Darlins! Hope you have had a good week. Lets get in to what we have going.

Fandom for No Kid Hungry/ Share our Strength is a new fandom event that is focusing on the problem we have with children going hungry. There is a minimum of three thousand words and you must have your story beta'd. All fandom pairings are welcome, and continuations of a previously posted stories are also welcome. Each story must contain a detailed warning (if needed) and a proper rating. Check out their page for more info! It really is a great cause and it will help so many!!!

How about another fandom event, Fandom 4 Special Olympics. Another worthy cause that can always use a helping hand. Normal rules apply. The submissions must be between 2,000 and 20,000 words. Any pairings, any fandom. Oneshots, extensions or new stories, even original fiction. Make sure that you have your submission rated correctly. Go check out their page for all the info on this great cause!!

Anytime you have something that you want put on this post please don't hesitate to write me. You can comment below or you can shoot me an email at agrutle@gmail.com. Have a great day and a Happy Easter, if you celebrate that!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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