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Is there a story out there featuring our favorite Major that's so incredibly awesome it just has to be rec'd here at Jasper's Darlins?

Do you know of great Jasper-centric story that's not receiving its just due?

Well, leave a comment and let us know! The Darlins are always looking for interesting and exciting stories to share!


I am absolutely loving Bell's Suicide by Fakin_It at FF.net...it is complete & I'm totally engrossed...check it out...

Try this story! The Threads of our Souls. Great twist on Twilight without having Edward and Alice be mates

I've got another one for you to check out. Actually, it's a trilogy. Unfortunately, the author is relatively new to posting and originally posted the first story (all 78,000+ words of it) in one chapter. She has since taken it down and reposted it with it now split into chapters so it's a lot easier to read. As a result, she lost all her original reviews and the 31 chapter story only has 6 reviews. I think a lot of folks dismiss it and don't give it a try. Both sequels are equally short of reviews, I think because of both the deal with the 1st story and because she posts the entire story over a short period of time so again it looks pitiful in the number of reviews. It's really a horrible shame because those three stories have proven to be three of my favorites. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have. They're by ulyses birdwing and are posted on FanFiction.net. They are as follows (in sequence):

Journey to my Soul's other self
Summary: Follow Bella on her journey to find out what the true meaning of home and family. She is assisted by her dead grandmother, 2 fairy-godmothers and the fabulous Whitlock brothers. All Human.

My Soul's Shadow Self
Summary: Sequel to Journey to My Soul's Other Self. Bella and Jasper are about to get married, but it is interrupted by a mystery woman.Find out if Jasper really does have a secret second life, away from Bella. How do they reconcile? AH

Seasons of the Soul
Summary: Third in the sequel, please read the other two stories first. Bella and Jasper are a little older and suffer a big loss. Follow them as they overcome the trauma and end up growing in unexpected ways.

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