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Darlins Come Together: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Ganied by debruk34

Hey, y'all! It's been a long time, but the Darlins are back with another great story rec for you.

This week we read Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained by debruk34.

Summary: Faced with losing the woman he loves after her father dies, Jasper asks Bella's brother for her hand in marriage. Set in Colorado in 1868, join Jasper and Bella as they take chances in life and love. J/B, Em/R, Ed/A. AH/AU. Rated M for lemons.

Hmmm....Twilight meets Little House on the Prairie. Let's see what a couple of the Darlins thought about this story set in the late 19th century.
I was very excited to read and tell you all my thoughts on this story. It’s a period fic set in 1868. I just love stories set in another time. Jasper works on Emmett’s farm and has gotten permission, from Emmett to begin courting his sister, Bella. While talking about it, Emmett receives a letter stating that their father had died. Knowing that Emmett couldn’t leave everything that he had built, to go to his father’s ranch it’s decided that Bella will go and that Jasper will go with her as her husband instead of courting her. I really enjoyed what I read so far and can’t wait to see what their lives have in store for them!

~Agrutlemy favorite kind of books are historical romance and it looks like debruk34 has got a winner on her hands. although she hasn’t gotten very far into this story, it has already grabbed my attention. her bella isn’t over the top and jasper, oh jasper...such a southern gentleman. if you love historical romances, take a chance on this one and don’t forget to let debruk34 know we sent you!


Sounds likes a great story! It was recommended to us by JD reader, NatalieLynn. Please take a few moments to check out this very interesting and captivating story!

See you next time! :D4/11/12

I just found this post and am in shock! Thank you so much to NatalieLynn and to the Darlins for giving it a chance and recommending it to others! I hope everyone will continue to enjoy it!

Too bad it's Bella and Jasper, it sounds like a good story.

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